How to Get the Flag & Starbird Minions in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-12-20 05:40:21
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Collecting items, minions, and mounts is part of the fun of Final Fantasy XIV. This guide will cover how to unlock the Flag & Starbird minion in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get the Flag minion in FFXIV?

How to Get the Flag & Starbird Minions in Final Fantasy XIV?


Here, we'll cover how to get a Flag minion in Final Fantasy XIV:

There are two ways to unlock the Flag: you can either buy it on the market board or earn it yourself. It's locked behind Ventures, the journeys where you can send your retainers. They'll earn XP and will bring you random items when they return.

The Flag minion can be earned by sending your retainer to the Field Exploration XXVI. To have this option enabled, your retainer must have a gathering job and be at least level 81, with the corresponding gear.

Buying the Flag minion is the simplest method, but since the minion has only been introduced recently, it'll likely come at a hefty price (at least three million FFXIV Gil) for a while.

If you didn't unlock your retainers yet, they are crucial to saving space in your inventory. You can have up to two retainers, and they can stock 175 items each. Speak to the Troubled Adventurer in one of Eorzea's main cities to complete the quest "An Ill-Conceived Venture" to unlock them. You'll need to spend venture coins to make them level up and bring you items, but your level must match theirs. If you don't have any gatherer job at level 81, you won't be able to have the retainer reach that level, for example.

How to get Starbird minion on Final Fantasy XIV?

Starbird minion


Here's where you need to go to find the Starbird minion in Final Fantasy XIV:

The Starbird minion is a dungeon drop, which means you'll need to reach the point in the Endwalker expansion's Main Scenario Quest for it to unlock. The dungeon you're going to need to grind for the Starbird minion is called The Dead Ends, and it unlocks when you reach Endwalker, the final Main Scenario quest for the expansion. It would help if you had a level 90 character Job to reach this point.

After completing it once, you'll be able to run the dungeon with other players or a Trust one with the Scions. If you go with the Scions, you have the chance for less loot to drop, but you won't have to roll on it against other players, especially if you're trying to go for the Starbird minion.

That's all you need to know about how to get Flag & Starbird Minion in Final Fantasy XIV. Check out if you want to get more minions.