How to Improve FPS in FFXIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-12-07 13:35:22
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How to Improve FPS in FFXIV?


Some players may have struggled with low FPS that impacted their game experience in Final Fantasy XIV. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks to improve FPS in your game.

Adjust FPS options

First, you can verify if the game's FPS match your screen's. If your screen can reach 144 FPS, for example, you might not get them in the game because the default cap will be set too low by default.

Head to System Configuration and scroll down to the Frame Rate category to verify if your game's frame rate is capped. It would help if you had several predetermined options: None, your screen's frame rates, it's half or quarter. For a 144 Hz screen, the options will be 144 fps, 72, or 36.

It's best to choose a 1/1 rate if your screen can go higher, though. In this way, players would get a higher refresh rate, leading to smoother gameplay.

In addition, limiting the frame rate when the client is inactive and away from the keyboard may also help the players' computers not to heat up when they are out, leading to smoother gameplay when they are eventually back again to play the game.

Survive the crowd

When areas are crowded, it can have a negative impact on your game experience.

There's a very straightforward trick to surviving the crowd in FFXIV. Head to your Character's Configuration (not System), go in the Control Settings, Character tab, and scroll down. In the "Battle Effect Settings" sections, tick "Show Limited" instead of "Show All" in Other.

It'll make almost all battle effects from other players disappear. If you like seeing it but don't want to have your screen cluttered by it, keep Party in "Show All" to see the effects of your allies only (so up to seven players).

The other solution is to limit the number of characters shown in one place. It can be done in System Configuration. Head to the Other Settings icon and the "Display Limits" section. You can limit the Character and Object quantity so that your setup can render fewer items and avoid FPS drops. Go into Limsa Plaza and adjust it to see how you prefer to limit it and how it enhances your performance.

Adjust graphical settings

Here are the graphical options you can adjust to improve the game's performance. Head to your System Configuration, select the Graphic Settings icon, and adjust some settings.

        • Disable wet surface effects
        • Disable rendering of objects when not visible
        • Use low-detail models on distant objects
        • Put Grass Quality, Parallax Occlusion, Tessellation, Glare, and Map Resolution too low
        • Disable them all if you need more FPS
        • Lower the Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. The background environment will look worse, but it also takes a lot of resources.

1. General

1). Wet Surface Settings

Turning wet surface off is still an improvement for a player's overall FPS. A player can get around 3-6% improvement in smoothness and gameplay when turning this setting off.

2). Rendering

Disabling rendering of objects when they're not visible is an essential setting that affects FPS significantly. This is because the rendering of objects can make a player lag and even induce stuttering. Disabling rendering when things are not visible, or occlusion culling may help improve FPS and the smoothness of the gameplay.

3). LOD

Another setting that is also incredibly important is using low-detail models on distant objects. This setting can increase smoothness and gameplay by 6-15%, especially in newer areas with more details. Using low details on distant objects can help make the gameplay go smoother.

4). Other Graphics Quality

Setting Transparent Lighting Quality, Grass Quality, Parallax Occlusion, and Tessellation options in Normal instead of high can help boost the FPS and smoothness of the game by 5-15%.

2. Shadows

Shadow is a setting that eats up FPS when turned on, especially all at once. For players struggling with low FPS, stuttering, and lag, hiding all shadows setting may boost performance by 10% or more.

3. Effects

Turning off-screen space Ambient Occlusion can also increase a player's performance in gameplay by 2-3%. Similarly, setting the Glare and Water Refraction settings in Low or turning them off can improve a player's FPS and performance by 5-10%.

In FFXIV, lowering those graphical options won't affect the overall quality of the game much while improving performance by almost 15 percent, so it's worth the try.

Doing this can improve the FPS of a player's game. Stay tuned to this page for more gameplay, guides, tips, and buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil.