How to level FFXIV account in a fast way

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-11 02:01:11
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In 1.0 the type of materia you would get upon conversion was based on the slot of gear, EG body or head piece. In FFXIV: ARR the materia that is created is based on the type of class the gear is designed for. For example, a tanking piece of equipment like a Cobalt Cuirass which is worn mostly by MRD and GLA is more likely to create materia for tanks, whereas gear intended to be worn by mages will create materia that is more suitable for mage classes.

The Materia system was implemented in patch 1.19 and takes its name from Final Fantasy VII. In FFVII players could find and buy materia and slot it into their weapons. This gave your character new spells, summons and better attributes. The system in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn shares similarities with this in that materia slotted into equipment and gives you better attributes but unlike FFVII it is not a method of obtaining spells or summons.
There are currently five tiers of materia, each giving a higher potency than the last. The higher the tier, the higher the potency on the materia. In FFXIV: A Realm Reborn there are no sub tiers of potency like there was in 1.0. Each tier of materia has its own potency now and that is the only one that exists. An example of the five tiers is below.
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