How to Level Up Crafting Classes Fast in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-09-16 11:38:02
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How to Level Up Crafting Classes Fast in Final Fantasy XIV?


Crafting get quite complex in Final Fantasy XIV includes eight crafting classes, 80 levels, and hundreds of recipes. Therefore, many beginners don't know how to level up crafting classes. This beginner's guide will introduce a few different ways to level your crafting classes.

Let's go over each method for leveling.

1. Take Advantage Of Free Company Actions

There are all kinds of Free Company actions, but the crafters want the "Helping Hand" action. That action increases experience gained by crafting. The increase does a little better than food, as the experience is boosted by five percent instead of three.

2. Eat Food

Food is the easiest experience bonus item available in the game. It doesn't usually matter what kind of food because they give the same three percent bonus experience boost.

3. Do Grand Company Turn-Ins

Grand Company Turn-ins are a great way to gain company seals and experience points all at once. Turn-ins are daily requisitions that your Grand Company will ask you to deliver. The items they request will be around your current level and can be purchased from the Market Board. Turning in High-Quality items will reward you with double the experience. This is a fast and easy way to gain tons of experience, so be sure to deliver these items as often as possible.

4. Complete The Crafting Log

Your crafting log will display most of the items you can currently craft. Each time you create an item you've never completed before, you obtain bonus exp. As such, especially in the early stages, synthesizing as many new items as possible is beneficial. Furthermore, if you try and make them HQ each time, it will further boost the exp gained. When starting, this is the main means of leveling up.

5. Do Custom Deliveries

Once you reach level 60 in a crafting class and reach Idyllshire in Heavensward, you can do custom delivery quests. This will get you not only experience but also FFXIV Gil and special scripts to spend.

There are currently seven NPCs that have Custom Deliveries, listed below:

    • Zhloe Aliapoh - unlocked in Heavensward
    • M'naago - unlocked in Stormblood
    • Kurenai - unlocked in Stormblood
    • Adkiragh - unlocked in Stormblood
    • Kai-Shirr - unlocked in Shadowbringers
    • Ehll Tou - unlocked in Heavensward
    • Count Charlemend de Durendaire - unlocked in Heavensward

Each custom delivery client has a little story, and it is recommended to do all of them. The quests refresh every week.

6. Get Into Housing

If you are lucky and rich enough to buy an in-game house, craft every housing item available to your crafting class. You can see if you like it in your home and if you don't, you can sell it.

7. Look For What Sells On The Market Board

You see what sells most on the Market Board and check if it is within your power to reasonably craft many of that item. That is an easy experience with the extra reward of Gil.

8. Do The Daily Beast Tribe Quests

Another time-gated but extremely effective form of leveling is Beast Tribe Quests. You can accept three quests a day from any given Beast Tribe, but only some of them are crafting-based. Beast Tribes that have crafting-based quests are as follows:

    • Ixali - levels 1-50
    • Moogle - levels 50-60
    • Namazu - levels 60-70
    • Dwarf - levels 70-80

What is great about these quests is that they refresh daily and are pretty easy to complete (as long as you have good enough gear). The Beast Tribes also have unique rewards such as minions, resources, and mounts.

9. Get Into Ishgard Restoration

In Foundation, you can access the Firmament, and in turn, take part in the Ishgardian Restoration. It is available to crafting classes once they hit level 20. The moment a crafter hits level 20, it is recommended to dedicate themselves to Ishgard Restoration. The amount of experience you get for each item turned in is major. To add even more rewards, you also get scripts to spend on cool mounts, minions, housing items, and gear.

10. Do LeveQuests

Levequests are repeatable quests that are divided into Battlecraft Leves, Crafting Leves, and Gathering Leves. Each crafting class has its own levequests, which will ask you to craft and deliver specific items. You can accept these quests from Guildleves NPCs in various locations. Accepting a LeveQuest will require one LeveQuest allowance, which generates at a rate of six per day. Levequests are a time-efficient method for leveling. You don't have to spend tons of time crafting items, and the returns are pretty good.

11. Grinding

When you craft a recipe for the first time, you will gain a one-time bonus of experience. Grinding involves crafting only new recipes to receive a one-time bonus. But this method will require tons of different materials of all types and will take loads of time to craft each item individually. So this method is not recommended for leveling but can provide some supplementary experience when making new items.

12. Collectibles

Collectibles are a different form of crafting that will produce a Collectible item at the end of a successful craft. Instead of filling the quality bar to make the item HQ, you fill the quality bar to increase the item's collectability. The higher its collectibility, the higher the rewards you will receive upon turning it in. Overall, making collectibles is a good, non-time-gated method for quickly leveling crafters. However, it does require some investment into your crafting gear to make items with high collectability.

I hope these fast level up methods can help you! Keep following us and discover more useful guides for FFXIV!