How to Make FFXIV Gil in Heavensward by Market Board

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-09-02 13:51:20
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The Market Board is the market system in Final Fantasy XIV that has been implemented in A Realm Reborn to replace the Market Ward. It can be accessed in the market wards of the main city-states, as well as the residential district.


The Market Board is similar to the Auction House system in Final Fantasy XI, the players can sell their items on the board after they assigned their retainers to the market. All the market boards throughout every city are connected together, however purchasing items sold in a different city incurs a slight fee.

The Market Board has been implemented in A Realm Reborn. Exchange the items you don’t need for FFXIV Gil. But remember to set up a suitable price. Low-price is not always the good way, instead, you need to look at the Sales History and put your item up at the average price of the past sales. If you’re good enough at playing with the MB, look for items at low price and resell them in higher one. Besides, every single item has its worth so never throw it away. Even if its price is low at MB, you could sell it to a NPC.

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