How To Make Gil Without Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-11-02 15:43:19
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The Final Fantasy XIV in-game currency 'Gil' can buy you better weapons, fancy hairstyles, excellent mounts, and even your own house. Therefore, you'll want to make as much Final Fantasy XIV Gil as fast as possible, as more money is always valuable. Here's everything we know on how to make Gil without Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV.


How To Make Gil Without Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV?

Churn Baby Churn

The raw materials such as skins, feathers, claws, horns, etc., dropped from monsters, dungeons, or trials can net you a pretty penny if gathered in bulk.

Set aside an hour or two of your time, focus on a specific mob or item, and kill enough to get a nice stack of 99 to put up for sale. Crafters will grab them off of you if your price is right.

Look through the drop tables of dungeons and trials. You can run unsynced solo or with some friends, and you'll find that many sought-after items are not being regularly stocked. If taking the unsynced approach, look for items such as:

• Minions
• Music
• Mounts
• Crafting Materials – Some dungeons are the only place to get these, so it adds up.

This first method is very grind-heavy. Focusing on dungeons and trials, you the additional benefit of guaranteed gear drops. Gear can then be turned into grand company seals. Grand Company seals can then be traded for rare crafting materials needed to complete certain weapons or other items that are not offered anywhere else. Even if you don't happen to get the drop, you'll still be earning something along the way by running these dungeons and trials.

Put Your Retainers to Work

You'll be earning passive income as long as your retainers are entirely in use.

First, aim to have every retainer's market board slots filled with items for sale. The more items you have up in various categories, the higher chance of a deal.

Second, aim to level your retainers to the max on any job you have at the cap.

In the end, it doesn't matter what they're on unless you're seeking a specific drop. Along the way, change their exploration ventures to the highest level available and ensure they have the gear needed to meet said level. As they level up, they'll often bring back crappy items and Allagan pieces of varying quality. Sell these each day, and you'll earn a bit as you go.

Now, the trick is once they reach their highest level, you can do one of two things.

• Keep sending them on the highest level Venture that takes eighteen hours to resolve
• Start sending them on quick ventures that take one hour each time

We advise the second option. If doing quick explorations, your retainers will no longer bring back Allagan pieces but instead random items. By committing to this method, you'll also start getting more gear along the way, which you can turn in for company seals or wear yourself if it's better than what you have. Retainers are out doing their thing while you earn money, which further maximizes your earning potential.

Finding Treasure Map Dungeon

If you want to talk about FFXIV Gil farming, treasure maps deserve to be discovered. As its name indicates, treasure maps can be used to guide you through perfect FF14 Gil farming treasure hunts.

You can get a treasure map from the Market Board and need to get a group together. Then you follow the map to the treasure chest. When you open that treasure chest, you have a random probability of finding a portal that takes you into a treasure dungeon. So It's just luck whether you get far or not. But you might be able to get some nice loots. This is a pretty fun and easy way to make FFXIV Gil.

Don't Ignore Your Fates

Fates are one of the more popular ways to level in Final Fantasy XIV. However, they are also a great way of earning Gil.

Here are some tips when tackling fates:

First, Group with others. Not only does that help increase experience, but it will help you get a gold medal, which gives you the max reward.

Second, Try to tag enemies right away. This will increase your chances of getting items that you can turn around and sell on the market.

Don't expect to earn a lot. This is a long way to make Gil, but it's very reliable, especially if you get item drops.

The above ways are helpful to make Gil without crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. Do you want to know more ways to get Gil? Stay tuned for our other guides!