How to Make More Gil As a Carpenter in FFXIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-09-30 03:18:03
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How to Make More Gil As a Carpenter in FFXIV?


There are various ways to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV, but how do you make more Gil as a carpenter?

Below, I outline three best ways to make Final Fantasy XIV Gil as a Carpenter.

1. Supply Lumber to Other Crafters

One of the first crafts you'll be asked to create is a piece of lumber.

Lumber is generally made by gathering a certain amount of logs than just smashing those logs into lumber. While the higher level or newer lumber may tempt you to focus only on those, check your world's market board to see what is actually in need. Much lower-level lumber is in high demand as crafts, even very high-level ones, may require lumber from a previous patch or expansion. Target places with low competition and craft up a few stacks.

To really optimize your lumber supply chain, check the recipes that require the lumber you are making and put up stacks equalling the amount needed per craft.

Speaking of profit, the last thing to consider when going into the lumber game is to perform cost calculations of logs versus lumber. If you see a lot of logs up and they are going for more than the lumber you have to put work in for, sell the raw logs instead. However, most of the time, the logs will go for less, so judge if buying enough to make lumber would net profit and buy them out.
2. Make Must-have Furniture

Selling furniture is a nice additional income as your customer base for furniture is a lot smaller than your lumber customer base. Out of all the crafters, though, Carpenter may have the most interesting furniture crafts in the game. The below items which a lot of connoisseurs will be looking out for when designing their houses.

• Partitions
• Cupboards
• Cabinet
• Windows
• Outdoor items (Firewood, Stump Stool, Etc)
• Primal Furniture Items (Get a friend and do EX trials unsynced)

3. HQ Fishing Rods

Finally, probably another "do it in addition" item, fishing rods. No other class creates fishing rods, meaning you should definitely capitalize on this exclusivity.

While not many players pick up fishing as a hobby or a main gathering class, those who do usually have done most everything else already have Gil burn or picked it up as a hobby and don't care about the cost of rods. With that in mind, to really maximize your profits when making fishing rods, remember first to go and farm up the materials on Botanist, then aim to HQ them yourself.

The best ways to earn more Gil as a Carpenter in Final Fantasy XIV are to supply lumber to other crafters, make must-have furniture, and HQ fishing rods. I have employed all of these methods and found myself gaining Gil as I progressed through the game. Would you like to give it a try?