How to Make More Gil As a Weaver in FFXIV?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-11-11 05:56:26
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Players need Gil. There are many different ways to make money like completing quests, dungeon roulettes, completing the challenge log, treasure hunts, or ventures, or etc. Today, however, we'll show you another way to get the Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Here's everything about how to make more Gil as a Weaver in Final Fantasy XIV.


How to Make More Gil As a Weaver in FFXIV?

The Weaver Market board Strategy

The Market Board is ESSENTIAL to every job's earning potential. You won't make millions of Gil just selling to NPCs, and you have to learn how to play the board eventually.

As a Weaver, your focus will be primarily on demand for products that you can craft. This Discipline of Hand specializes in cloth armor that healers and DPS casters use. They can also produce some valuable equipment for crafting and gathering classes as well as some vanity items. Weavers can use various plants gathered by Botanists and skins and other materials that can be looted from monsters.

Specifically, we would recommend focusing on Disciple of the Land gear and Glamour items. Often, Disciples of the Land just hit the market board to get better gear using Gil earned by supplying crafters with their goods. Significantly closer to new patches, being able to provide them with the latest gear (HQ sells better than NQ for these), you'll be in a good spot.

Be sure to watch your bottom line, however, as this is a very competitive market. The less you have to pay for materials, the more room you have to wage pricing wars.

Those New Patches Really Help Out

Every major patch and some minor patches also bring a lot of new recipes into the game. The sooner you can reliably craft ANY of these recipes, the more money you will make.

Often the sales cycle for Weavers flows like the below following a new patch:

New patch hits – Players will be buying up as much new battle, crafting, and harvesting gear as they can. Some will pay whatever is put up to be at the top. Glamour sales are harder to make but will go at a high price. Crafters are also seeking the latest gear/materials so putting either up is another potential sale. Prices are at their highest.

Middle of patch – By this point, all the battle hardcore have gotten their gear (or given up) and are looking to now make money. Crafting and harvesting gear are in higher-ish demand, and glamour sales are now more prevalent as everyone has made a bit of money and is looking to spend it. Prices all around are at their median but falling rapidly.

A month or so after a patch – With the patch now out for a while, players are more than likely not buying gear as much but will be buying glamours more often. Prices at this point should be about where they are going to settle until either a scarcity hits or a popular trend begins.

The best way to make more Gil as a weaver when a new patch comes out is to focus on selling the new crafting materials and new disciple of war/land gear early on. Following this, shifting to glamour and crafting /gathering gear from then on will do good. Near the end of the patch cycle, it's better to scan the market board to view competition. If everyone is still hardcore creating things, looking into items from previous patches is the way to go.

Make Something FIERCE

The final way we recommend to make more money in FFXIV is to focus on glamour. Glamour gear never becomes obsolete. This means that you can always make money on glamour gear as it should always be in demand.

While glamour pieces vary in price, one factor seems to reliably drive how and when players seek out new glamour pieces for their ensemble.

The current season.

Even though the land of Eorzea and beyond don't match real-world weather, players still reside in the real world and want their toons to be in the same mindset. During summer, players will go after beachwear such as bikinis, open-face shirts, flowy items, etc. During winter, players will flock instead to cozy sweaters, large jackets, Santa gear, etc.

Regardless of the season, though, if they're looking for a particular look, watching the replica gear on the marketplace as well as what you see players wearing during dungeons will give you a hint on where you can add some more value.

Next, we will publish more methods of farming gil and other ffxiv guides, so stay tuned!