How to obtain relic weapons for level 80+

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-03 13:13:16
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our weapon can speak so much of your character, especially in a competitive MMORPG such as Final Fantasy XIV. After reaching Level 50, you will gain access to a series of quests that can unlock powerful items known as relic weapons. These are special fabled weapons, and each weapon is designed specifically and restricted to a certain job. Relic weapons either play a significant part in the lore for that job, or are the most powerful weapons for that job. Once obtained, relic weapons can be upgraded into zodiac weapons through difficult tasks, quests, or rare items you can get from WvW drops or when you buy FFXIV Gil, to potentially become the most powerful weapons in the game. Find out more about the relic weapons in the article below!

How to Get Started on Relic Weapons
What better way to make you stand out amongst other FFXIV Gil hunters other than obtaining a relic weapon of your own? After doing all of the available class quests and hitting Level 50, you can now seek out an old weapon maker and do a bunch of tasks for him.

Travel to Revenant’s Toll, then on to the North Shroud to talk to Gerolt. He wants you to deliver a couple of items as directed, culminating in a double-melded Level 55 weapon. These weapons are crafted from items found in the earliest Level 50 dungeons such as Wanderer’s Palace and Amdapor Keep, plus two class-relevant melds. The specific melds required change vary per class, so make sure you read the quest details in your journal before heading off!

Weapon Coffer and Crafted Materia
Once you’ve started on the Relic Reborn quest given to you by Gerolt, head to one of the Beastmen strongholds and locate a chest containing a broken version of the weapon you seek. You can generally get through the strongholds on your mount without engaging most of the enemies, though you may have to kill two or three before you reach the coffer with the weapon in it.

Deliver the broken weapon to Gerolt, and he will instruct you to bring him a crafted weapon with two Materia melds. These weapons are available on the market boards. You can buy the materials with FFXIV Gil, or alternatively, gather the materials and make the weapon yourself if you have a high enough crafting class, or have someone craft it for you. In many cases, you can even find the weapon with the Materia already melded onto it, if you’re willing to pay the hefty FFXIV Gil price the market board seller is likely requesting.

Defeating the Dhorme Chimera
Better stack up on a few items for cheap FFXIV Gil afterwards, because Gerolt will send you off to kill the fearsome Dhorme Chimera for Alumina Salts. This will be a Level 50 encounter with no item level sync, and is generally curb-stomped by FFXIV Gil-hungry, over-geared players. Use the Party Finder or shout in Revenant’s Toll to gather a party of at least eight players. You will only need one tank, but having a Bard on your team would be most ideal. Fight the Dhorme Chimera atop the hill, outside of the cave, so that your movement won’t be limited and impaired. Utilize your Bard / Paladin to stun or silence Ram’s Voice. Fighting at the top of the hill with this setup and cancelling Ram’s Voice will make this fight very easy.