How to Obtain Your Favorite Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-01 11:40:55
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Method to get: When you reach level 15 and spending 2000 army after choose coalition task.
This is the most basic mounts for players and the most classic lovely ostards modelling in Final Fantasy series,the ticket can be through the dynamic task on the map or obtain copies, trading skills such as reward for fashion, if you pay attention to the accumulation of words in the beginning, it is very easy to get, this mounts initial colour are yellow, players can adjust the size, personalization for various armor, and all sorts of armor also has all kinds of access.

Care armor
Method to get: Complete the main story story.
This mounts come from Final Fantasy 6 magic can mecha in FF14 plays a very important role, in the story of the players need to steal a imperial army can mecha, fix it and driving it rushed into the imperial fortress to complete a series of impossible task, and after you finish the main story, you can even get a as mounts directly!

Bearded leopard
Method to get: Buy the Final Fantasy 14 collection PC/PS3 version.
There are several of the monster comes to Final Fantasy series, recently in all areas of the play of FF10HD domination has its figure, of course it is not hard to obtain such mounts in FF14, you just need to buy a collection version.However, the chassis is a bit low, it looks atrange when it running up, it obviously not ostards light spirit and the mecha the domineering.

Method to get: Total top-up time as a gift for three months.
This mounts can be easily obtained, the modelling is the classic monster of final fantasy series, while sitting on it's wobbly, but feeling is not bad.

Method to get: Illusionists level 30, professional task force of "unicorn" since the game allows a part-time job, so everyone can get the mount. Of an enchanter career support needed for three senior career much difficulty does not exist, after all, compulsory for at least 15 levels, if other professional want to get the Unicorn will be a little hard, especially after more part-time to sweep light low-level tasks, you can only rely on brush dynamic or Guildleves level 30.

Method to get: In the orc tribes Amalj 'aa popularity reached through task after worship.
After level 43 in east sur LAN can open Amalj 'aa's reputation (need to complete a story line, about the conflicts of the orc tribes), four random daily task, after finish them you can obtain corresponding reputation. It is a little like the long and riding effect, low chassis that it feel climb on the ground.

Laurel peanut refined
Method to get: The goblin tribe Sylph popularity reached through task after worship.
With the suffering of juvenile's acquisition, the difference only lies in the goblin tribe on the north side of sylvania, open the popularity of lead story line is longer. Above the heads of seemingly, model is original in FF14 a wreath, quite simple and honest lovely.

No. War behemoth
Method to get: Total top-up time as a gift for up to nine months.
This mount model is quite large, feeling is not very good, though he hadn't ridden yet!

Fat Chocobo
Method to get: Buy the PS4 collection edition of the Final Fantasy 14.
It is rather difficult to get a mount, is not to say how expensive collection edition, most difficult from the PS4!

Gold-plated care armor
Method to get: You need to get 500 like.
After Final Fantasy 14 completing a copy of the game, each player can give the team a teammate (yourself) in a positive evaluation (commonly known as point), the number of the evaluation will be displayed in your relationship, you can get this mount after you rich 500 likes, in fact, most people will leave the likes with tank or treatment, a few simply avoid, so the treatment tank professional with this mount is quite difficult!

Inheritance ostards
Method to get: it is a rewards for the Final Fantasy 14: rebirth old players when they are online, but now it is out of print.
When the game is launched after making SE a special award to the old players, that is the so-called legacy system, this article inheritance ostards also in legacy system service, like a dragon king, because he's being spread to rage, wings and tail are burned, is very special.

The original ancient pu
Method to get: Old version player can get a mount, but it has out of print.
It is the rare mounts in Final Fantasy 14 currently,and the difference between the ancient pu laureate, the four corners of the head is not the wreath but a red carpet, and the growth of plants, back color should be deeper, the original ancient pu mounts only in Final Fantasy 14 version 1.0, the Final Fantasy: rebirth of online after the task has ceased to exist forever!

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