How to Unlock the Dancer Job in FFXIV: Online?

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-08-27 14:54:10
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The Dancer is one of the classes in Final Fantasy XIV: Online, but where do you find the quest to unlock the dancer? And how to unlock it? This guide will help.


How to Unlock the Dancer Job in FFXIV: Online?

FFXIV Dancer Job: Prerequisites

To unlock the Dancer job, there are a couple of prerequisites you'll need to have first:

1. You must have reached Level 60 as a Disciple of Magic or a Disciple of War.
2. You need to have purchased the Shadowbringers expansion pack. Shadowbringers can be purchased on Steam or through the official Square Enix store if you haven't already.

Where to Unlock Dancer Job Class?

To unlock it, you will want to teleport or make your way to the starting city of Limsa Lominsa, specifically, the Lower Decks.

How to Unlock the FFXIV Online Dancer Job?

If you have all of your prerequisites in order, you should board the first available airship to Limsa Lominsa, as the Dancer-specific questline starts here.

To unlock the FFXIV Online Dancer job, you'll need to perform the following:

1. Go to the Lower Decks in Limsa Lominsa.
2. Speak with the Eager Lominsan, who will assign you the Shall We Dance task.
      • This unlocks the Dancer job.
3. Speak to Nashmeira to obtain the quest Gamboling for Final Fantasy XIV Gil.
4. Follow through the remaining quests.
      • Ensure that you have completed the main quest scenario for Shadowbringers, as well as Courage Born of Fear.
5. Complete the last quest, Rising to the Occasion. By this point, you'll be the strongest Dancer that Eorzea has ever seen!

What Other Rewards Can You Get?

Once you wrap that up, you'll unlock Dancer and receive the following rewards:

    • 167,400 EXP
    • 745 Gil
    • Soul of the Dancer
    • High Steel Chakrams
    • Softstepper's Attire Coffer

For more information on the Dancer, its questline, and abilities, stay tuned to the news page.