I did not play ffxiv for a while today because of several reasons

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-25 01:01:46
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I have a habit that I play ffxiv for a while every day.This game is my love and I can not live without it!But sometimes some things will happen to me that I have to stop it for some time.

Due to many real life stuff happening at once today I got almost no dose of FFXIV at all. Not only that the Duty Finder server was quite broken, rendering instance raid dungeons and most of special instances for class quests and main scenario quests inaccessible, but after several maintenance, the servers in general were still congested and unstable.


I came back to my room to check on the game and all servers were running when I got home and my sister’s family left to head home. Bravo! I thought.I was glad to get some ffxiv gil. But then I kept getting spat out from the server while the screen said “Now loading” after I selected my character. I guess I came too late .

I decided to get up from my desk and do something productive instead of to keep trying and failing and getting upset in the process. Since my speakers went short circuit and died since 2 weeks ago, I was using my dad’s iPod’s speaker temporarily . Now, it was time to go back on my words and take the offer. So I went to grab those speakers.

I left the game on while I was sitting on the floor to figure out which wire goes where. Through my crappy temporary speaker, I heard the chanting lyrics. On my screen, the heart-clenching scene went on. The song Answers, along with these movies are my weakness.