launch party for PAX Prime

FFXIV4Gil Date: Aug/27/13 10:04:59 Views: 1452

You'll need to hightail it to next week's PAX Prime if you are ready to do the Chocobo Shuffle, Mog Twist,some Limit Breakdancing.Then the crew of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will hold a two-day launch party. 

The festivities start on Friday, August 30th and continue through the next day in the Seattle Ballroom at the Red Lion Hotel. The devs will show up to make their grand remarks, followed by autograph sessions, contests, raffle drawings, and hands-on gameplay sessions.

You'll go to see FFXIV here, not in the main PAX exhibit hall.Just make plans accordingly if you want to be part of the celebration!At the same time, you can also buy FFXIV Gil service to help you enjoy more.

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