Lots of Information, Pictures and Videos are Available in the FFXIV Future Update

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-03-29 05:12:29
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News has reported that on March 27, Square Enix aired the 28th installment of Final Fantasy XIV's Letter from the Producer Live broadcast. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida and Community Manager Toshio Murouchi provided quite a lot of information on future updates, also joined by Lead UI Artist Hiroshi Minagawa.


Here's a summary of what was mentioned:


1. There will be adjustments to healers so that they can hit more easily in dungeons. The team is debating on the topic for raids as well, even if the intention was to have healers focused on healing for those.


2. Glamors for summoner Egis are coming gradually starting with patch 3.4.

3. The parry stat will be overhauled in patch 3.4 or 4.0.


4. A raid finder similar to the party finder is in development. It's coming in patch 3.3. A cross - server party finder is also in the works, but will come afterwards.


5. The next Void Ark raid is coming in patch 3.3. Below you can see a few pictures.


6. Patch 3.25 will bring adjustments to classes in sight of the beginning of the first season of The Feast.


7. Patch 3.25 and patch 3.3 will include new stages for Anima weapons.


8. While there will be an event themed after Final Fantasy XIV in Phantasy Star Online 2, the other side of the event in Final Fantasy XIV still haven't been decided. The team wants to do something great.


9. Patch 3.3 will bring an increase of item level cap for crafters and gatherers. Below you can see the new equipment.


10. Ways to obtain grade 5 materia for crafting will be introduced in patch 3.3.


11. The team would like to hear feedback on the official forums about possibly introducing the themed clothing offered on the Chinese servers.


12. A new side story quest will start from patch 3.4, while each patch from now on will come with new quests starring Hildibrand.


13. The Fenrir mount will be implemented as flyable from patch 3.3, alongside a new flying month inspired by the Dravanian plants.


14. Grand companies will finally have first lieutenant ranks available from patch 3.4. New items will be available from patch 3.3.


15. A prototype was showcased for a feature that allows players to automatically equip the best equipment for the current class they have in the armory chest.


16. A prototype for a "double cross - hotbar" for controller users was showcased. It's planned for 3.4. Basically double clicking the left and right triggers brings up a new set of cross - hotbars.


17. In patch 3.3 players will be able to save three different UI layouts. 


18. The team has been looking into creating equipment inspired by Vagrant Story, but the original design shows the top of the character's butt from the back. While on PS2 that wasn't much of an issue, but with the visual quality of PS4, designers are worried that that kind of visual might not be the best.


19. The team is looking into expanding the armory chest, but it will take more time.


20. Several pieces of merchandise will be sold at the Nico Nico Chokaigi event in Chiba.


21. A collaboration event will be held at the 7 - Eleven convenience stores chain in Japan, granting items including maid and butler costumes and a white fat chocobo mount. The team is discussing on how to make the items available outside of Japan as well (this makes me quite sad, because 7 - Eleven is my favorite convenience store, but I won't be in Japan for the period of the promotion).


22. BitCash is coming as a payment option.


23. Nico Nico Chikaigi will include a variety of events, including a guest appearance of Level - 5 President Akihiro Hino.


24. An official guide for crafters and gatherers will be sold in Japan.


25. Yoshida - san will visit the Elemental data center.


26. The game's BGM "Locus" from the Alexander raid  will be used as the main theme of a new TV program on Japanese state TV NHK starting on April 4th.


27. Final Fantasy XIV and Yoshida - san will be at PAX East next month.


28. The next Full Active Time Event will be in Akita on May 22nd..