Make Fast FFXIV Gil to be ready for FFXIV Patch 2.3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-07-10 03:54:27
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In Final Fantasy XIV, most of items are divided into HQ and NQ, as well as the price and property are different. First, we would like to know the FFXIV Gil comes from: 1. Quest Reward (Main quest, side quest, daily quest) 2.Drop from monster in Dungeon 3. F.A.T.E reward 4.Dungeon rewards.


The Following these four methods,you can directly get Gil from game system. Most of casual players farm depending on these methods. A new account levels up to full level can get 350000 Gil, about 1-2 weeks.

In addition that you have several choices:
1.Farming Dungeon, to use the Mythology exchange materials and sell it
Requirement: After Level 50
Advantage: Large demand of materials, no cost
Disadvantage:Need plenty of time, boring and frustrated. Your equipment would limit your efficience.

2.Solo Monster in Wild, highly drop rate of materials
Requirement: AOE Class (Efficience is everything)necessities
Advantage: The level of Monster is low, drop rate is high
Disadvantage: Time consuming

3.Gathering Crystal
The Crystal is the necessities for crafting, which divided into three types. The cluster demand is huge, the level 5 Miner and Botanist can get it!
Requirement: The main class arrived 10 level that you can level up other class
Advantage: Very easy to sell it out
Disadvantage: Boring

4.Farming Rare Matrials
This is a rare material after the Miner and Botanist arrived at 50 level that can gather it. They are the necessary advanced materials in crafting. Every 72 minutes refresh, the greatest demand materials you can know it
Requirement: The Properties reached a certain standard
Advantage: Less cost, large demand, high price
Disadvantage: Limited of produce, the price is unstable.