Want To Make Massive Final Fantasy XIV Gil | Here Are Five Of The Easiest Methods

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2020-02-15 19:12:35
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Final Fantasy XIV Get Gil With Easiest Methods

  We all know this fact that in Final Fantasy XIV, making Gil could be pretty difficult, particularly if you do not know how to rake in the stuff on a consistent basis. And of course, you will not be here if you did not need help with that, therefore, without further ado, you'd better read up on these Final Fantasy XIV Gil farming tips cause that could help you become a millionaire in Eorzean in no time at all.

  First of all: Crafting | Disciples Of Hand

  In fact, it should be no surprise at all that crafting is at the top of the list because it offers players who have no time for Disciples of Hand the consumables, furniture, gear, and material that they want and really need. And on a regular day, usually, your earning are in the six digits; and sometimes, on really good ones, you even can hit seven digits.

  Among the crafting classes, here comes the point, take it down, the most profitable ones are Alchemist, Blacksmith, Culinarian, and Goldsmith. But, the problem is, your choice should not be solely based on what you think will get you the most money. Instead, you really should go for the one that you genuinely like.

  Even though Disciples Of Hand is a nice method to earn Final Fantasy Gil, it's definitely not the easiest method. Cause you know, first of all, you will need some raw materials, which means you have to either gather or you have to purchase. If you go for the former one, that means you will need to take up gathering classes. And for the much rarer materials, you will need much higher levels of the said jobs. If that is too time-consuming or even daunting for you, then you'd better choose the latter. Please do remember that it is not going to be too cheap.

  And secondly: Gathering | Disciples Of Land

  And now we have already touched on gathering or, to be more specific, Disciples of Land. These classes, for example, Botany, Fishing, and Mining, they are must-haves if you plan to engage in crafting. You even can forget about crafting altogether and then rely on the Disciples of Land for FFXIV Gil. With gathering, particularly if you prioritize nodes that either can not always be found or require Tomes of Regional Folklore to be discovered, then you can make quite the amount of money.

  Another advantage of gathering is that it's much cheaper compared to crafting since you will only be spending on teleportation and gear only. As long as you reach much higher levels and are already in full battle gear, that means you will only be spending for the latter.

  And thirdly: Treasure Hunts

  As a Disciple of Land, I have to say that Lady Luck might favor you enough for you to discover treasure maps. What's more, these items will guide players to treasure hunts, Player versus Environment (PvE) content where you have to discover a hidden treasure stash and fight the monster in it. Once you finish that successfully and then you will be receiving a good number of quality rewards. And some even can be sold for the quite low millions!

  If you are now planning to take on treasure hunts regularly, then you need to be sure that you get the ones that match your current level. So if you are now already capped, get the Gazelleskin treasure maps.

  And fourth: Roulettes, Hunts, and Primals

  Did you just tell me that you are not interested in crafting or gathering? Well, you can always try your hand at more conventional methods. Now, the most common of them is the roulettes. With so many of them, you will either be making high five digits or low six digits worth of Final Fantasy XIV Gil. And if you happen to be playing the class, well, that is “In Need”, you will be getting the reward boost. You also can participate in hunts, where you have the opportunity to get a cracked cluster; EX primals, which have some quite good drops, and beast quests.

  Last but not least, Going On Ventures

  Well, now, here we come to the last one, you can try Ventures. And this sends your retainer on ventures at the cost of a Venture, where they will return from with a reward if they are now successful. Ventures can be acquired at the Grand Company, or just as a reward from Beast Tribes and Guildleves.

  The reward your retainer will bring home just depends on its class. And you can assign it to any class you have now unlocked and have the same levels as you have for them. However, the retainer's max level for classes you have yet to cap will be five levels lower.

  Making Final Fantasy XIV Gil in Eorzea could be quite a tough prospect, but it does not have to be a total head-scratcher. Therefore, follow these tips, or better yet, come up with your own. Anyway, you are sure to make bank.