Make Safe FFXIV Gil by Using Alchemy

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-11-28 12:06:35
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If you still stuck in FFXIV because of lacking,u can try to follow below tips:

Owning a full pocket of ffxiv gil is every ffxiv fans’ dream. However, the tedious farming process often makes players flinch. Even ceaselessly grinding for a whole day, you can only obtain a small amount of rewards, which hardly afford a good armor. That is really frustrating. Therefore, many players eagerly wonder is there any easy way to make ffxiv gil if they don’t buy ffxiv gil. Here I can definitely tell you there is. In this article, I will reveal some tricks on how to easily earn a large ton of gil in ffxiv by using alchemy.

We have been making our fortune of ff14 gil with using alchemy. You can upgrade the manstones if you use of Alchemy profession. Critical Hit and Attack are sold at high prices thought they are the most powerful stones. However, the other manastones coming with very low price. You can turn them randomly into attack and critical hit type of manastones using the manastone exchange quests if you buy these cheap stones. And then you can turn them into higher grade stones and earn more ff14 gil though these are coming out to be low grade. you have to exchange them through traveling to various zones after buying these cheap stones.

In my point, there are the other way and I think it is a big reward, you can try to follow the way: you can obtain get some +75 HP and other scrub ones. You will spend about 160K ff14 gil when you purchasing the low level manastone. But, the reward manastones themselves are worth about 680k. You will obtain about 540k within 1 hour to 1 hour 30minutes of repeat questing. Through Alchemy and using 31 highest grade Catalysts, 4 of +15 Crit, 6 of +5 Attack manastone crit, even though it depends on when you sell them, at the time I sold my manastones I got about 1,680,000 ff14 gil. I bet you will earn a large ton of ff14 gil, you also can buy ffxiv gil from good luck to you in FFXIV.