Most Rewarding or Enjoyable Final Fatansy XIV Jobs

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-01-14 02:18:04
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How long have you been playing FFXIV? Which job are you playing? What do you think of ? This page mainly tells the rewarding or fun jobs in the game that fans might like, also the reasons will be presented.


FFXIV jobs


1). Black Mage (BLM)

This job seems to get lots of fans, even I personally like this job. Long casts with a big payoff, plenty of spells and some modifiers to those spells (sharp and swift). Tight maintenance of Enochian and Astral Fire, which rewards planning and knowledge of a fight. With the rotation change between Level 50 and Level 60 will give you more rewards. It is definitely the rewarding class.


2). Paladin (PLD)

Fans choose it because it feels easy to do with it. They can do well in any fight without much difficulty. Here are several reasons to choose. First, it has the best tank animations; Second, GG EZ for all lowbie content; Last, it helps you farm lots of glamours.


3). Astrologian (AST)

Fans might love for its play style or card system. Astrologian has the capability to be a powerful party buff bot, while having the flexibility to play as a WHM or SCH based healer. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with the interactions between its skills/heals and its buff abilities. The heals can be better after getting better armor, melds and food. Joy is handing a pyromaniacal Black Mage an Enhanced Arrow or throwing an Expanded Balance at your party and watching them wreck things.


4). Scholar (SCH)

The enjoyable class to play. SCH is a very powerful job with a diverse toolkit packed with all kinds of goodies. It is very gratifying to play this job in such a way that makes you seem almost invincible, or at the very least, extremely hard to kill. Fans might pick it out of the lore. The healers are preferrable that can at least sorta take care of themselves with something other than a staff and a mean look.


5). Warrior (WAR)

WAR is a rewarding class. An effective warrior can do really good DPS and still be a very efficient tank. Overall Warrior has the great dps potential, utility and flexibility.  


6). Summoner (SMN)

Most players would also choose SMN as their favorite job. SMN has decent mobility, has a decnt enough rotation so that you wont get bored and deathflare looks awesome. Big dps numbers, lots of aoe damage, you really cant go wrong with giant space lasers. 


Of course, different players have their own choices. They definitely choose a job they've played for a long time and they have fun with it. Now you have to notice that FFXIV Stormblood can be pre-ordered on January 24th. Keep an eye on our online store, where cheap ffxiv gil sale is available as well as good service. We can help you solve your problems timely.