Naoki Yoshida Mainly Focuses On Talking About Final Fantasy XIV's Future

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-12-05 08:54:03
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Recently, for the future of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida mainly focuses on talking this topic. He put forward many ideas and suggestions, even more plans. If you are still to try out Final Fantasy XIV then there's been no better time, with a free trial available, some additional information regarding the campaign, can be known more at FFXIV4Gil, whether you are about to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil or know more news, FFXIV4Gil is always the best place. 



Q: Did you feeling the pressure of readying Stormblood for launch, particularly due to the relatively short space of time you had to prepare for it. Are you rested now? Does the constant development of Final Fantasy XIV mean that just doesn't happen? 


NY: Just after the release of Stormblood we received so many new players, and so many also came back, so the server was actually packed and there was so much work around this to mitigate the congestion. 


Q: Final Fantasy XIV has already made the jump from one console generation to the next, do you think, given the level of success it’s achieving, that it could make the jump yet again in the future? 


NY: We don't want to have any restrictions regardless of devices or platforms so if a new console was coming into the market, of course we’d want to be on it. Even though the environment is different to each player, everyone can play together, and that’s something that’s truly vital for Final Fantasy XIV. This is the pitch that we’re making to the first party platform holders and that’s the basic policy that has to be met.


Q: With the forthcoming online patch for Final Fantasy XV, do you think there's becoming less call for straightforward single player Final Fantasy games, and is it all just going to draw towards the same point in the future?


NY: In the future the online element has to be vital for any type of game. It's not necessarily going to be a good thing but many games have a day one hot fix implemented. If a standalone game is released and everyone is happy about it, it's just natural to use those characters already in the main game and bring new content to give it a new, unique, game experience, so it's something that all development teams are now thinking.


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