Need to Open World PvP in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-04-02 15:32:16
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Final Fantasy XIV has plenty of content for players to get through, which is well known. And you may wonder that does the game provide enough PvP related activities?



The MMOPRG instalment of the Final Fantasy universe has been doing well since the total revision of the game, but as my recent article described, PvP aspects are not as entertaining and functional as one would expect them to be.


The Frontlines and the Wolve's Den are the only available ways for players to ease their hunger for PvP and the queues for these are often disappointingly long. This leads us to the main topic and question of this article, is it time for Square Enix to enable open world PvP?


Personally, my answer would be a definite yes. This, however, can only work well if there are separate PvP and PvE servers at hand which give those who are not interested in PvP the opportunity to completely avoid it. Other than that, PvP servers could provide plenty of fun through open world PvP which would obviously satisfy those who wish to test their skills against other players without having to wait for ridiculous queues.


The open world PvP in FFXIV could be something like the systems that the recently arriving Asian MMORPGs are using, or even Tera. I am referring to the system which basically allows players to turn on PvP mode in certain zones and attack others. This can be expanded with a reward and punishment system which would mean that those who defeat equal level players would be rewarded, whereas ganking would be punished by a notoriety system like that of ArcheAge.


Such reshaping of Final Fantasy XIV's current state of PvP would certainly please some currently frustrated players and it would open up the game to a wider audience, further increasing its already noteworthy population. The open world PvP change could even bring about a ranking system in which players would gain ranks after a certain amount of victories while those who manage to defeat higher ranked players would receive better rewards.


Hopefully, Square Enix will eventually come to realise that they need to pay attention to player demands and open world PvP is clearly a common issue that the community has been nagging them about. Feel free to share your thoughts about the idea of finally implementing open world PvP and whether you guys would be excited about it.