Omega Raid Guide In Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-30 21:19:07
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 In the barbaric mode, the power of many disasters will be directed against a particular player, and as long as all party members are alive, it is still predictable. However, any errors will be severely punished, if they are for the unexpected players, mechanics may be quickly out of control.



With regard to competence, it is important to first review 100 Gs. In normal mode, the mechanic will unconditionally drop all players to the ground. However, in the barbaric mode, the player must be ready to stack in any new blue mark to get back to the ground. In most cases, the mechanic will aim at the tank, and for this reason, all players should generally keep close to the boss unless otherwise specified by the mechanic.


At this time, the brutal manipulation of the power of manipulation in the barbaric acts also have different manifestations, they created on the ground two separate stacking marks, one on the ground. In addition, failing to stack four players at each marker will cause the vulnerability to stack. To meet this condition, to ensure that the average distribution of the party, tanks and therapists always use their doping, DPS will never use them. Tanks should also be alert to supernatural phenomena, the current goal of this placid step is to gradually petrochemical, in the two stacks to force the exchange.



In addition to Evilsphere there should be a corresponding reduction in the difficult to rescue the tank damage mechanic. Finally, we have gravity waves. Throughout the battle, the disaster will often perform the mechanic, causing a high degree of harm to the party, most likely to kill any vulnerable to the vulnerability of the players. Due to the nature of the other mechanisms of the disaster, it is important to use road signs and assign positions before continuing.


Pay close attention to your assigned position and keep it near your party so as not to be stuck on the high ground. Once you are familiar with the power of the disaster and their schedule, it becomes a matter of improving your strategy until you are killed.