Our understanding of AST card draws in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-06-13 11:38:50
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Important Note:Just want to be clear, in case I didn't before, everything I spoke of was technically in development, and so is subject to change. There's a good chance that come launch, some skill nuances will be different.



I'm not sure if you all have the answer, since you said it was broken, but my understanding of AST card draws is as follows:

Draw Use the Draw ability. One of 6 cards is chosen. The Draw Icon changes to the card you drew. You can then choose a target for that card, click "Draw" again, and it puts Draw on the 30s cooldown, and uses the card on your target. If you don't use the card in 10 or 15 seconds, if goes on cooldown anyway and you lose it.

Shuffle Basically used to instantly discard if you get Bole. The card is discarded and you get a new card drawn. [Edit, had this one wrong]

Spread Essentially functions like draw, but it stores the current card instead. You hit "Spread", the Spread button turns into the card you store, hitting spread again uses the card as above. Presumably this puts draw on cooldown as if you used the card. Also, I assume it removes the card from the rotation so you can't have the card twice (Draw and Spread),and you need to draw a card first, then you use Spread to keep that drawn card. Should put Draw on cooldown. Spread goes into cooldown once you use saved card.

Royal Road Basically discard, but your next draw gets boosted in power based on it's type. Details are elsewhere.
So the question, are you able to Spread (store) a Royal Roaded draw? And I guess a followup up, if it does... does Royal Road's cooldown start immediately, or once you used the stored RR'd card. Back to Back or stacked RR buffs might be pretty awesome.