Pieces of ABC’s of Final Fantasy XIV you would like to know

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-05 14:39:04
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Only we master the basic knowledge well ,will we behave better in further study.When it comes to netgames,you should try our best to know more about the game to get better level.


Many linkshells will talk about their dedication to hardcore raiding, their points systems and their overall attitude towards clearing content with impeccable speed and progression; but we at gil bun like to think something different. Gil bun is a Linkshell and free company based on the Gilgamesh server.





The aim of gil bun's is to be a medium sized Linkshell & Free Company with a wide social community full of discussion, interesting players and enjoyable memories to be made!Place its members before all else is gil bun's mission statement. Join gil bun if you want to actively talk and partake in social events, if you want a safe environment without schedules, points and strict playtimes and finally if you want to meet other players and ultimately have fun!


In our years playing previous MMOs, there was always this atmosphere surrounding guild events. The leaders would set down their hierarchy, bark orders at subordinates, and generally play for their own gain. It was all very serious for every event. While we still have a focus to completing content and playing the progression ladder as it is released, we like to place the idea of a friendly play and social environment above all else.