PLD, DRK, MNK, and NIN :which you think to be better

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-13 13:35:34
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Seeing how NIN just received its buff in the way of QoL mudra fix and TP adjustments I was wondering how people think the class compared to MNK now.MNK has better AoE and Single target sustain, with less utility.NIN has great party utility and good TP sustain with the fix (TP song might not be required anymore?).

Now comes the main debate of which do you think will be the better candidate for progression purposes in 3.2. Obviously both classes perform fantastically, but want to know in your opinions which you find to be better.

PLD, DRK, MNK, and NIN are in a love/hate relationship with each other and the content, mainly because WAR and DRG are so ridiculously vital that there's no room to drop them in successful groups. Unless they nerf WAR/DRG, for the rest of 3.X we're looking at one tank slot and one melee slot to argue on who can go where.

DRK takes the INT down spot that more or less defined the raid spot of MNK in ARR (post-NIN's introduction) and thus enables NIN over MNK, so you can stack them. Doing more DPS than PLD is a bonus.

NIN's just godly overall but needs a DRK unless the content calls for little to no magic damage, on the party or otherwise. Content since SCoB Savage has been tuned around having Storm's Path and INT down on a large portion of the raid wide mechanics.

PLD's in a sketchy place (right now) due to raid design and, subsequently to raid design as well, DPS is a big deal and it's lower than DRK. You also semi-need a MNK with a PLD, who is less raid DPS than a NIN but defensively a bit better with more consistent, spreadable INT down (Dragon Kick) and a beefy Mantra.

So basically, we do indeed have to wait until next tier to see what we need to be successful. If the name of the game is low DPS checks, high mechanics, people will be far more willing to leave the current meta of max DPS kill kill kill we have going on in favor of more comfort when it can be afforded.

I kind of wish DRK's Delirium had a different effect. I think the ARR style of balancing the three melee, as OP as NIN was in ARR, worked better than the current system. You had NIN and DRG who were more raid DPS, then you had MNK who had good DPS and then Dragon Kick which was unique and notably gave more consistency and healer DPS. Now that that's gone, it's harder to balance it since you the most you can say about having a MNK and DRK in the same party right now is that Mantra is unique, but Mantra's not strong enough to change your comp for.

So PLD, DRK, MNK, and NIN ,which you think to be better ?