Profession guide to farm FFXIV gil fast and easy

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2014-04-04 11:53:51
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How about your adventure in Final Fantasy XIV? Most of players left the message of how to farm FF14 Gil fast after arrived at 50 Levels. Today, our professional players would glad to share the guide of upgrade yourself to get gil easy.


In the FFXIV auction house, you will know what materials is the most popular now. According to the latest record, the leather and woolen is the expensive and highly demand. Especially for the high quality, the appealing price has attracted most of players come to the boring low level map to farm materials at the midnight. Of course, the price in different server are different, you should reference the price in you server to choose the correct target source.

According to our worker's personal experience, the drop rating is about 20%. This monster has male and female, generally you would encounter a couple each time. If you attack the male, the female would attack you together. They all would drop the Aldgoat Skin. Around here, there are lots of monsters you can farm materials. The drop rating about 25% is great. While, the bigger one has high rating than this monster but high blood life is frustrate. There is less player farm Peiste Skin because the crafting items need 40 levels. However, it still has high price and in the later it would play very important role.