Quick Level 15 With 4 Steps to Unlock Your Class's Job

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-03-19 13:21:38
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To become the best you can be at your class by unlocking a job when you reach level 30 in FFXIV. Then you should start all over again at level 1 and reach 15 levels of other class. And without any main story to help you. Once you have finished this, you can transcend to a better version of your class.


A quick aside, an example is the marauder, who by itself is an okay tank and DPS, but once you obtain the warrior job, you gain defiance, which increases health by 20% and decreases your damage output, making you a tankier tank, but locking you out a lot of other skills from other classes. 


Your class is the only thing that gains EXP. While having a job active, all EXP goes to your class, which can reach up to level 60 as of Heavensward. 


Thankfully, this entire process can take literally less than an hour without anyone's help, and probably even less with. It's really easy, let me walk you through the process: 


Step 1: Obtain Your Classes Job

You're going to want to obtain your second job. The pairings are as follows: 


Gladiator -> Paladin (Requires 15 Conjurer) 

Pugilist -> Monk (Requires 15 Lancer) 

Marauder -> Warrior (Requires 15 Gladiator) 

Lancer -> Dragoon (Requires 15 Marauder) 

Archer -> Bard (Requires 15 Pugilist) 

Rogue -> Ninja (Requires 15 Pugilist) 

Conjurer -> White Mage (Requires 15 Arcanist) 

Thaumaturge -> Black Mage (Requires 15 Archer) 

Arcanist -> Scholar (Requires 15 Conjurer) 

Arcanist -> Summoner (Requires 15 Thaumaturge) 


Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrolgian require you to finish the FFXIV: ARR main story content and begin at level 30, and require nothing else. 


Step 2: Equip your Moggle Cap

The Moggle Cap is a pre - order bonus while the Helm of Light is a collector's edition item. These increase EXP by 20% and are useful. If you don't have either, then you're going to probably take a slightly bit longer on 1 - 10, but this can be overcome by doing guildleves.


Step 3: Do your 1 - 10 hunting log

Just go through enemy to enemy and finish your hunting log. By the time you have worked through the first five levels, you should be high enough to finish the last 5. You can fight enemies 4 to 5 levels higher than you successfully with your chocobo companion out and either tanking or fighting for you. The chocobo companion is a requirement and you should have unlocked your chocobo at level 20.  


While doing the hunting log, you can tag and stand around any FATEs that others are doing. These are really good boosts since it's free XP. If no one is doing it, just skip it and let it remain. No point in trying to solo a FATE that's above your level. 


Step 4: Guildleves 

Guildleves are the final component required. You can do guildleves that are recommended to be 5 levels above the level you are currently if you've already unlocked the level series. Many levels do not require combat and you can easily take on enemies 4 or 5 levels higher than you. After your 1 - 10 hunting log is done, you should be level 8 or 9. At this point you can do recommended level 10 missions with +4 difficulty, making it very worth your while. 


At level 10, my favorite thing to do is to go to Aleport. There is a guildleve there you can do bumped up to level 19 to collect ale that doesn't require combat. The combat guildleves are easy, I ran the bat one when the ale one didn't show up. 


You can have a friend do the leves for you while you remain safely in town. It took me on one alternate job around 20 minutes of having a friend run them to get from 10 to 15. You can also do your daily guildhest roulette as well, which should be worth around half a level, but guildleves are going to be an easy source of EXP far beyond what any quest could give you, and most of them are reasily soloable or require no combat. You can adjust difficulty if you run into issue, but for instance the Aleport pick up liquor thing you can have at +4 and just run out and pick the ale up and leash any enemies that bother you.



Get the job that you need for your advanced job, go out and do your hunting log until level 10, and then farm guildleves, preferably ones way above your level without combat. That's it!