Rathalos (Extreme) Basic Guide in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-12-01 03:43:51
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In Final Fantasy XIV, Rathalos is the target of "The New King on the Block" quest, which is available to players who've reached level 70 and completed Stormblood. You can accept the mission by speaking to the hearty hunter in Kugane with an average item level of 320 or larger.


Final Fantasy XIV Rathalos Guide


Some tricks you need to know to go into Rathalos EX that I hope will enable Final fantasy xiv gil collectors entering it for the initial time. If you have played any in the monster hunter games, Rath is much just like the 3ds version using the usual double tail swipe, roars, charges, and so forth. 


He also has some target fire ball with Location harm at the same time as a stackable fireball in his 2nd phase but let's note three key physical attacks he'll be performing appropriate off the bat: Tail Swipe, Charging Bite, and Dive (not official names, mind you). These do not have indicators so you've to watch his physique and head to find out what he'll do subsequent.


Tail swipe does a 180 degree spin counter-clockwise that hits and knocks back anyone within melee range dealing a large level of damage. It may stun, and I think getting hit twice within a brief time period hold the old MonHun hit-hit=stun mechanic, so try to avoid that if you can. You can notice him turn his head about to his appropriate, then he will spin left following up with his tail. He often does this twice within a row, so be mindful.


Charging Bite hits fairly difficult, but has a higher physical telegraph should you study to appear for it. Rathalos will charge forward to a random target (not impacted by emnity) and attempt to complete what appears like a bite/shoulder on check them. This does a lot more damage than the tail swipe and suffers a bit of FFXIV's placement lag, so ensure you put becoming clear a priority. Never ever run backwards, just strafe out in case you can as his charge can come rather speedy, even at a distance.


Dive takes place in phase two exactly where he attacks from an airborne position, slashing with his claws and poisoning anybody he hits. This attack commences as soon as the phase two stacking fireballs finish. Steer clear of this at all expenses. Essentially the most most likely susceptible to this can be the healer looking to Esuna off the fire debuff brought on by the stacking fireballs. I recommend just booking it, since it will probably kill you as the poison tick from it really is powerful.


Yet another important note here is the fact that you only get 3 KO's. That is proper, three deaths and you happen to be all completed. This is a holdover mechanic from MonHun, so attempt to stay alive!



Phase 1 Rathalos will open with an AoE Roar, It'll likely do about 40% of one's overall health (nontank). I suggest prepping with shields or AoE Heals precasting for it. He will then proceed to attack having a cycle of swipes and bites then he will cast a targeted fireball on a random party member. Heal and esuna the fire debuff off. Please remember Rathalos will nonetheless randomly be casting Roars dealing AoE damage. Following a different cycle of this or two, some adds will seem and cause a ruckus and throw you off. Focus and proceed to fight Rathalos when they are dead. Preserve an eye around the eastern part of the map and try not to be among center and three o'clock as you prep for the end with the phase. Be mindful as at a point right here Rathalos will fly up and blast a fireball at a seemingly random target.


End of Phase 1 A Garula will charge from 3 o'clock side in the map when Rathalos does roaring stun. Garula will charge Rathalos, knocking it down and then proceed to attack the players (Lastly some tank perform to accomplish). At this time one of your DPS (most likely the single with less burst) requires to the method the front with the downed Rathalos and suitable click the highlighted blue location to mount it. This part can get healing intensive so pop some cooldowns. In fact, every person pop cooldowns because you've entered a fast DPS race. The Garula requirements to become killed ASAP. Meanwhile, the mounted dps (mashing buttons and being a boss) will be tanking some heavy harm so retain 'em healed. If you don't kill the Garula in time, it flees and also you wipe. If you do handle to kill it, the mounted DPS will dismount and every person needs to hide behind the new boulder of a Garula corpse as Rathalos is gonna channel it is inner Behemoth/meteor combo and you gotta hide behind this corpse to avoid being toast.


Phase 2 Now that the world is scorched as well as your eyebrows are disappearing you are going to see Rathalos drop back into the arena, it really is time for you to kick it up a notch as you enter phase 2. In this phase, you can not heal, like Regular Rathalos. Use these ten pots when you want and get prepared for group mechanics. Healers, please note you nonetheless have to have to Esuna any and all debuffs, so you don't get to loosen up right here! Rathalos will nonetheless act with his physical skills (Swipe, bite/charge) but now he'll have his stackable attack. Everyone gathers for the outer rim with the stage and function your way around the arena as he drops fireballs causing molten ground at the same time as harm with a stacking fire debuff. Move and rotate accordingly. If you're all stacked correctly, as well as your healer is casting esuna effectively, you can hopefully tank 2 or 3 hits prior to you'll need to utilize a potion. 


Following four casts Rathalos will Dive forward and slash anyone in his way, causing enormous harm as well as a potent poison. Most DPS can die from this alone, so please do not be late operating immediately after that 4th Stacking AoE. After doing enough harm, Rathalos will fall and you may have a likelihood to attack his tail. Do that! Breaking its tail shortens the range from his tailswipe, damages him, and offers you an additional tail carve after you survive this encounter. Following you break it (or do not) he will get back up and resume once again into his Stackable AoE combo until among you is completed.


Phase 1 - Melee stick his left rear thigh swap thighs when he does a tail swipe. Range move and strafe when he looks at your path. Tank, do your factor. Kill all adds, kill garula though DPS is on mount. Heal fireball & Esuna debuffs. Phase 2 - Same melee and range mechanics. Group for AoE stacks (or let tank solo if he gets mark alone and burst heal), healer esuna like crazy. USE YOUR POTS. 3 Carts, it is fine to be a noob, but get better each time. Points to /u/th3madjackal for a simple tldr summary.