Revenge of the Hordewith Patch 3.3 in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-07-01 09:50:41
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The development team of Final Fantasy XIVwasdeclaredthe patch notes for Patch 3.3.It is on the Revenge of the Horde that has been launched completely.That canbe certain that it is read over the inclusive list of appending and modifications to the realm of Eorzea.The list covers the new narrative quests, dungeons, beast tribe quests, recipes and many others.If you wanna it works well for you, player needs to decorating hischaracters with the proper weapons, armors, gears and the other necessary items.So it may need some ffxiv gilto do some help. When the players need the gil urgently but can’t collect that soon, then they can considerate to buy FFXIV Gil from some reliable online game shop like FFXIV4GIL.COM.Itnot onlyhelps them enjoy playing the game, but also gettingthe maximum pleasurable experience.



In Patch 3.3, the new majorgame story has been contained. According to some relative news and feedback of theFinal Fantasy XIV Heavensward,Trail Spoilers, Rare Weapons, Final Steps of Faith and moreupdatesarereleasedin June.As claimed by the game producer,Naoki Yoshida,Heavensward Patch 3.3 of FFXIValreadyavailable in June, which was beginning on June 7th.Yoshida disclosed that the name of patch is Revenge of the Horde. Patch 3.3 isthefull of thrilling new things while integrating a storyline, trials, new dungeons, weapons and more.

There is an introduction of a threadintheSquare Enix forum and it is translated with the Live Stream of the Letter from the Producer Live.It revealed thatFFXIV Patch 3.3 contain a trail known as “The Final Steps of Faith”.It requires agroupofeight players to battle against Nidhogg.Different from the new designs, the item drops and trial can be got and played with a tougher version, which the player would be prized with weapons, if they haven’t too much Final Fantasy XIV Gilto exchanging. When they collected enough ffxiv gil, the characters can procure Gil and theplayerscan level uptheircharactersto gettingfaster succession.

Yoshida also discloses a new dungeon known as Aquapolis.As his introduction, players can findtreasure chests inside of treasure huntingthat could release a special portal. Correspondingly,they require getting inside the portal within ten-minute.The map of Aquapolis can be accessed all through the treasure chests as well. The playersarerequired tofiguring out a good amount of FFIXVGil in Heavensward,so thatcanchase and overcome non-aggressive golden goblins.And that can be found inAquapolis dungeon.Meanwhile,the Fenrir mount is to have the ability to fly and thicken water particles in the air, in the FFXIV Patch 3.3