Samurai Quest Help Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Become the Best Written FF Game

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-07-03 22:49:09
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With the new Stormblood expansion, Final Fantasy XIV has launched two new jobs for the players. These are warriors and red mages. I have not had the opportunity to practice with the red mage, but the warrior's task made me completely hooked. Final Fantasy XIV writing is far more than we usually see in the MMO, but the final fantasy series of standards is also a star, and the pursuit of warrior line is another shining example.



The task is enough. Light warrior met a veteran samurai master at Ul'dah, and he decided to take you as your student's identity. After learning the basics of Catana waving, my role Alethea was appointed to some of the criminals in the city. We soon learned that Musosai was obsessed with justice. I mean obsessed. He expresses the intolerance of the crime, every time he gets the chance that he says something like "evil must be removed!" A straight and very serious face. And his katana painting.



Along with our travel is a Lalafel male to Momozigo's name. Like most of the Lafayette characters in this game, Momozigo is a cheerful and ferocious faithful companion. Although he is not proficient in the art of katana, he is determined to help Musosai pursue justice. Together, our trio will travel around Eorzea and fight anywhere found. In the real warrior fashion, Musosai often ends a job search job, "Let's walk in the wind blowing through our place." Outside the bats, these tasks are already great, expressing the lonely rogue spirit (although we are not really alone, because we are in the trio), often with the warrior's atmosphere complement each other.


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