Smoked Bacon's Location and Recipes (FFXIV Cooking Guide)

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
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Smoked Bacon is an Ingredient used to craft meals by the culinarian. A large side of boar cured and after that smoked. It indeed is extensively accepted across Eorzea that "everything goes better" with this flavourful meat. They are the words with which the smoked bacon is described within the FFXIV database.


It seems apparent that it is not an ingredient we can obtain on a tree -like an apple - or we can see coming out with the ground like a carrot. So in this guide, we explain to you where you could discover it. For those who cease drooling, obviously.


Exactly where to find Smoked Bacon


FFXIV Smoked Bacon Cooking Guide


There's only one spot exactly where you may uncover some delicious slices of smoked bacon: at the Quartermaster of one's Grand Organization. Recall that when you are a part of the Immortal Flames, your Quartermaster is going to be in Uldah, in case you are part of the Maelmstrom, your Quartermaster will be in Limsa Lominsa, and when you are a Twin Adder's member, your Quartermaster will wait for you in Gridania. Each piece of bacon will expense you 250 corporation seals (but you'll be able to also try in the Market Board if you are feeling lucky).


Recipes That Will need Smoked Bacon


You can find 5 recipes that have to have smoked bacon to be crafted:


Bacon Bread (recipe level 50) – Smoked Bacon x1; Sunset Wheat x1; Mineral Water x1; Night Milk x1; Volcanic Rock Salt x2; Fire Cluster Crystal x2; Water Cluster Chrystal x2.

Bacon Broth (recipe level 50) – Smoked Bacon x1; Xelphatol Spring Water x1; La Noscean Leek x1; Garlean Garlic x1; Volcanic Rock Salt x1; Black Pepper x1; Fire Cluster Crystal x2; Water Cluster Chrystal x2.

Heavensegg Soup (recipe level 60) – Heavensegg x1; Boullon Cube x1; Smoked Bacon x1; Cyclops Onion x1; Ogre Pumpkin x1; Laural x1; Fire Cluster Crystal x3; Water Cluster Chrystal x2.

Spaghetti Carbonara (recipe level 60) – Vermicelli x1; Smoked Bacon x1; Heavensegg x1; Stone Cheese x1; Sweet Cream x1; Black Pepper x1; Fire Cluster Crystal x3; Water Cluster Chrystal x3.

Loaghtan Cordon Bleu (recipe level 60) – Loaghtan Fillet x1; Smoked Bacon x1; Stone Cheese x1; Highland Flour x1; Mature Olive Oil x1; Abalathian Rock Salt x1; Fire Cluster Crystal x3; Water Cluster Chrystal x3.


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