Some replies to a specific question about the FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-19 11:21:06
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Before starting our topic of the discussion today, we will first come up with the questions that our members feel puzzled. The first is that whether it is possible to transfer gil to another player to help start a free company? And the second is that if the answer to the fore question is yes , then how would you do with transfer gil?


Well, the following replies to the questions from our players appear diverse. For example, one of the members showed his view that I didn't look at the moogle to see if you can transfer the gil.Though I'm sure you'll go to a moogle and send them a mail with the gil. I'm pretty sure they'll have in-game trading as well.




Actually, as we have mentioned before, you can mail gil and items to other players on your server with no penalties. You can also trade gil and items to other players, something that I did repeatedly during phase 4. I believe I had nearly 20,000 Gil upon ending phase 4, and that's after spending thousands of gil on my crafting classes and only having one Level 20, a Lancer.


It is no doubt that you can mail gil through the moogle delivery service. Also, mailing things is free; there is no gil sink involved. It's wonderful. Transfer ffxiv gil is another option. That said, by the time you get to level 25 you should have no problem affording the 15k fee on your own. I understand that you want to help out, and that's awesome and admirable but it might not be necessary.