Some shortcuts to level up your ffxiv account efficiently

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-09-12 15:50:46
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Why our ffxiv gamers can level up customers’ accounts so quickly? Do you want to know their secrets? Today, let’s tell you something about their ffxiv powerleveling works. The best way to level up your crafting prior to level 20 that I've toyed around with so far is crafting base materials. For instance, Carpenter uses wood refined from logs.
If you collect a bunch of logs you can get quite a few levels just crafting the level 1 recipe. Crafting is more a grind fest than anything else, so you'll just have to put up with it. You can do Levequests for crafting though. I'll put more about Levequests in the Levequest section. Each primary has an associated secondary, however, since fishing has not been released yet since its restructure, that secondary is unknown.

Logging's secondary is harvesting, you will need a scythe secondary tool to harvest. Harvesting will get you materials primarily for Weaver and Culinarian. Mining's secondary is quarrying, which requires a sledgehammer. Levequests are like regular quests but are repeatable. You have a limit to how many Levequests you can do, known as Levequest allowances.
These allowances will replenish over time, it used to be once a day in 1.0, but I haven't really done Levequests in A Realm Reborn yet to confirm if it's the same. I recommend saving your allowances for a class that you're struggling to level, because Levequests really boost the leveling speed.
Failed gathering attempts give you no experience, however there is a really low success rate until you hit your first success on an item option on a node. You have to discover the item on the node and then you can start farming the item you want. Discovering an item on a node checks it off on your gathering log and gives you bonus experience. However, like crafting, gathering doesn't give extra bonus experience for completing a difficulty tier. I suggest all ffxiv players to buy ffxiv gil from our website directly, since this will save you a lot of time. And make you easier to level up.