Something important you should know for FFXIV Patch 3.3

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-08 05:22:59
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The new FFXIV Patch 3.3-Revenge of the Horde is coming on June 7, are you ready? If “no”, let’s FFXIV4GIL tell you about something important you should know before the upcoming ffxiv patch 3.3.

First, you should know about the basic information of the new patch
The preview of it has been shown at the official website, you can read the new contents of patch 3.3 in detail, like Main Scenario Quests, two new dungeons-Sohr Khai and Hullbreaker Isle (hard), Best Tribe and Side Story Quests, Final Steps of Faith, The Weeping City of Mhach… When you master the whole update contents, you will clearly know where to put your own priorities.

Second, you should save ffxiv gil in advance
As the giant ffxiv gil selling website, FFXIV4GIL suggests the all of you had better save gil in advance. Why do we advise you to save ff14 gil? 1. The new patch 3.3 must consume much gil, so you need to save enough gil in stock. 2. Thanks to the new ffxiv update, almost all gil sellers will increase their gil price after the new patch is released, therefore you had better buy gil at the cheaper price now. 3. Maybe, a group of folks worry about their gil safety, FFXIV4GIL wants to tell you that now ffxiv gil is rarely removed.

Third, you should be busy leveling up your character
If you want to experience the new contents of patch 3.3 at the first time, you have to seize your time to level up your characters quickly. As we know, new patch requires higher level, not only character level, but also anima weapons level and so on. If you have enough time, FFXIV4GIL suggests that you had better level up as soon as possible. If you have no time, FFXIV4GIL is willing to help you. Usually, there are some kinds of folks who ask us for help: 1. Most of them are busy with their work, and have no time to level up by themselves, we will provide them 100% handwork ffxiv power leveling. 2. For some experienced and elite folks, they have at least one account, and they can’t put focus on every account, so they need us to level up with them. If you are one of them, you can choose us.

Fourth, there are something small in-game folks you have to pay attention to
As SE has announced that the upcoming patch will have a 24 hour maintenance before the new patch, which means if you have a garden, you should not plant anything this weekend. Certainly, it depends on the plant. Usually the expensive ones do have a high time limit. Krakka roots die pretty fast iirc, but those are the cheap kind. Here is a guy who share his a little annoying experience with us.

“My FC lost our plants last fall because of a patch maintenance. Our FC was going through a bit of a crisis (of dying, not drama), and the FC leader was out of the game long enough for another player to get the leadership rights. However, they stopped playing too. I had planted some carrots before a patch hit. Nothing too expensive, yes, not a big deal — but that wasn't the worst part. Only the FC leader had the rights to discard plants from the garden. So, we had a dead garden nobody could touch, and the (new) FC leader had stopped playing just days before the maintenance. We, well, I had to wait for the full 30+ days it took for the system to give the leadership rights to someone else before I could, finally, remove the dead carrots and plant new ones. I tried contacting a GM but apparently they can't touch housing things. Original leader subbed at some point, got the leadership back, and then passed them to me. Keep your FC rank settings sensible, people. And beware of the maintenance especially if you are intercrossing expensive seeds!”

Above all, there are something important you should really care about before the new patch 3.3, and we just list four of them. Even though, FFXIV4GIL still hopes that the four aspects on the top will help you a lot.