Something you ought to know refers to the ffxiv farming

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-11-05 14:28:36
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There is no doubt that gil is of importance in the Final Fantasy XIV,while it is tight in the meantime.Hence,it is necessary for us to comprehend more technical matters.Well,the following narrations is mainly about one method of the ffxiv farming.


It is called Raptor Skins and Sinew that required your level of 35. And the Strategy is shared in the following part.


While there are only about 10 of them in the entire camp, they respawn very quickly, so even at 50 and with great gear, you never run out of enemies to farm. Just east of Camp Overlook, there is a relatively short strip of land that contains 10 Velociraptors.




On our server, a single Raptor skin is worth about 200 gil and a Raptor Sinew is worth 350 gil. When you factor in the price bonuses for HQ items and the couple of lightning crystals I snagged by killing nearby elementals as I farmed, I ended up netting 14k gil worth of items in just 15 minutes.


The Raptors are particularly good to farm because not only do they drop valuable items with big demand, but they drop these items at an extremely high drop rate. In particular, in this location we will be farming Raptor Skins and Raptor Sinew. Raptors can drop up to 3 Raptor Skins at a time as well as a single piece of sinew.