Sort of Content Will be Available in FFXIV Heavensward

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-04-03 11:41:49
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Three new Jobs have so far been confirmed: Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian. Each one will fill in the MMO Holy Trinity: One Tank, one DPS and one Healer. It is unknown if any more Jobs will be announced, although it seems unlikely. However the XIV team are renowned for their surprises and trolling so more could pop out of the woodwork. One Job that definitely won’t be coming with Heavensward is Samurai with Naoki Yoshida confirming it wouldn’t appear until a later expansion pack. But the question on everyone’s lips is what will the three new Jobs be like?


Dark Knight – The Tank
Uses a Greatsword and Dark Magic. Inspired by Berserk and similar to the Dark Knight versions that appear in Final Fantasy II & III.
Machinist – The DPS
Uses a modified Firearm and places ‘Turrets’ of varying types.
Astrologian – The Healer
Uses a ‘Star Globe’ to heal players. Also have a ‘Divining Deck’ to cast buffs.
Little has been revealed beyond this basic information. It remains to be seen if or how much they vary from the Jobs already in A Realm Reborn or how they fit into the party system as a whole.

New Playable Race
A new playable race the Au Ra were confirmed by Square Enix to be coming with Heavensward. They are Dravanian/Elezen hybrids that originate from the continent of Othard, to the East. They have a kinda creepy creation mythos that involves the Primal Shiva which I will not delve into here. The mysterious NPC Ninja Yugiri Mistwalker is an Au Ra (and will presumably reveal her face in the near future.)

New Primals and Beast Tribes
Three new ‘Primals’ (The ‘Summons’/’Espers’ of Final Fantasy XIV) and two new ‘Beast Tribes’ (Tribes of sentient creatures that worship a specific Primal) have been confirmed. These include the Primal Bismark and the tribe, the Vanu Vanu, the Primal Ravana (A XIV original Summon. Insect like creature) and the tribe, the Gnat. In addition to these the Primal Alexander has been confirmed but his role will be radically different to that of most Primals.

New Dungeons and Raids
A large number of new Dungeons have been confirmed. As have new Raids. One Raid in particular has been confirmed with the Primal Alexander being confirmed as one of the Raids in Heavensward. Players will have to enter the body of Alexander itself to defeat it.