Square Enix Introduced FF Themed Weddings IRL for FFXIV Fans

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-12-29 17:12:27
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Final Fantasy XIV fans haven’t been able to faithfully recreate the experience IRL even though the in-game weddings have been a thing in Final Fantasy XIV for years now. But Final Fantasy XIV Fans Can Now Have FF Themed Weddings IRL.


FFXIV FF Themed Weddings


Several days ago, Square Enix announced a peculiar collaboration using a Japanese wedding hall to provide themed ceremonies for all those who would like a Final Fantasy XIV wedding. Nowadays they released much more particulars and pictures.


The wedding strategy will likely be offered via the Kobe-based wedding hall Deuxzero in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 2019. The creation of costumes, accessories, and decorations has been supervised by the improvement and management team of Final Fantasy XIV.


Interested lovebird needs to make contact with Miss Hiromi Noguchi from Bridal Heart, and also the phone gets in touch with 0120-868-288 has also been offered.


On February 14th, 2018, Square Enix and Deuxzero will host a simulated wedding ceremony for the press, alongside a reception in which attendees are going to be in a position to check out a few of the accessories and dishes created for the collaboration. Talent and idol Moga Mogami will make a look, and Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida will probably be in attendance to give his blessing.


Although we do not know everything about how the weddings will function, we do know Moogles will not officiate them. For more news and guides about Final Fantasy XIV, you can check out our news center, and for more in-game gil, check out our Final fantasy xiv gil for sale list.