The 20 Best Emotes and How To Get Them in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-09-09 05:25:47
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Final Fantasy XIV is filled with lots of unlockable emotes! They're a big part of messing around with friends or interacting with strangers without actually having to say anything to them. Here are 20 more awesome emotes and how to get them in Final Fantasy 14.


Best Emotes How To Get Them
Diamond Dust To obtain the Diamond Dust move, you would need to have a limited edition Shiva statue. Those statues retail at about 150 dollars, and they sell out fast.
Charmed This emote can actually be obtained on the way to the Gratuity emote because it is obtained from the Ananta Beast Tribe in Stormblood. It only costs five Ananta Dreamstaffs too.
Black Ranger Pose The black ranger pose is three dollars on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store; the whole set of ranger poses for seven dollars and fifty cents.
Lean The only way to get lean is through the reconstruction of Ishgard. Players will need to craft a lot and collect 1,800 Skybuilders scripts to purchase the emote.
Battle Stance The emote is received at level 60 after completing the post-Heavensward main scenario quest called "Causes and Costs."
Hum The reward for completing the LVL 70 quest "The Fire-bird Down Below," which is part of a chain questline starting with "An Auspicious Encounter" in The Ruby Sea (X:5.7, Y:15.8), only after you have completed the LVL 70 main story quest Hope on the Waves.
The Three Songbird Cheers Those can buy each one for two dollars on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store or the whole set for five dollars.
Toast These emote are only available on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store and can be bought for seven dollars, much like the play dead one.
Manderville Mambo The Manderville Mambo is a dance that players get from completing the level 70 Manderville sidequest.
Dote Like the Play Dead emote, this one can only be bought at the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. However, it is cheaper at just two dollars.
Senor Sabotender Currently, Senor Sabotender can be bought on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store for about two dollars.
Play Dead They can be purchased from the Final Fantasy XIV Online store for seven dollars.
Throw Emote Players need to start the sidequest called "Toss Fit Workout" given by the NPC Maucolyn in Coerthas Central Highlands to get this emote at (X:25, Y:27.8).
Most Gentlemanly The Most Gentlemanly emote is the reward from the sidequest "Her Last Vow", given by the NPC Julyan in Ul'dah at (X:12.1, Y:11.8). This quest is part of the Hildebrand quest chain, which can be started by accepting the quest "The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen" from the NPC Wymond in Ul'dah, at (X:9.9, Y:8.7). To begin this quest chain, players must already have completed the main scenario quest called "The Ultimate Weapon".
Gratuity The reward for the LVL 70 quest "What a Wonder-full World" starts with The Ananta Maid's Tail in Kugane (13.1,9.8) only after you have reached Bloodsworn with all three Stormblood beast tribes and completed their final quests.
Haurchefant This emote is the reward from the sidequest "The Burdens We Bear" given by the NPC Slowfix in Idyllshire at (X:7.6, Y:6.6). For this quest to appear, players must first have completed the Heavensward main scenario quest called "Heroes of the Hour." They must also have progressed far enough in the sidequest chain that begins with "The Paths We Walk" from the House Fortemps Manservant NPC in Ishgard (in House Fortemps).
Eat Bread With 900 Skybuilder's Scripts, the player can trade for the "Ballroom Etiquette - Well Bread" manual. Once the manual is used, they will know the emote Eat Bread.
Spectacles The reward for the LVL 60 quest "Letters from No One," which is part of a chain questline that starts with "Keeping the Ledger" in The Pillars in Ishgard (X:6.3, Y:9.4) only after you have completed the LVL 56 main story quest "He Who Would Not Be Denied."
Squats It is a reward that comes with the Grand Company achievement "Dear Leader One." The player must lead their personal Grand Company squadrons on 10 successful command missions to get this achievement.
Lali-ho The reward for the quest "Learning to Lali-ho" is part of a chain questline starting with the LVL 70 quest A Disagreeable Dwarf in Kholusia (12.5,9.3), only after you complete the LVL 78 main story quest Meet the Tholls.


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