The Arm of the Father Guide for FFXIV Alexander Loot

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-10-05 13:15:51
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In the Enigma Codex are writ the designs for a walking citadel. It was known as Alexander, a self-sufficient bastion for logic and reason and a beacon of knowledge for a world adrift─so says the treasure hunter Mide. The Illuminati dreamed this century-old dream, and in so doing gave form to their primal. Yet no matter how beautiful an ideal, the reality of fanatics with such power is a tarnished, ugly thing. By your hand must this threat be stopped. Follow with FFXIV4GIL, let’s go to the Alexander Floor 3- The Arm of the Father.

Alexander - The Arm of the Father or A3 is the third floor of Alexander: Gordias. It requires the players to have an average item level (iLvl) of 170 or above to enter. To unlock this raid you need to clear Alexander – The Cuff of the Father and complete the side quest – Steel and Steam. You can enter A3 after you take the following side quest: Tinker, Seeker, Soldier, Spy from an NPC called Biggs in the Dravanian Hinterlands (X:21, Y:18).

Though A3 doesn’t drop gear, but a variety of tokens that can be traded for ilvl 190 gear. You can trade them with the NPC called Sabina at Idyllshire (X:5, Y:5). For the unlucky players who never have met or rolled their own equipment in some dungeons, it is more reasonable.

Living Liquid
The first thing you will notice is that the arena is surrounded by an electric field. Try to stay away from it as much as you can because it stuns and inflicts electrocution DoT and paralysis to anyone who stands in it. It's best if you tank the boss in the middle of the arena.

Phase 1 - Human
The boss cleaves in this form, keep him facing away from the raid.
Protean Wave - Conal AOE in several directions that deals damage and knocks back.
Splash - Raid Wide AOE.
Sluice - 4 players get markers above their head, spread out as you will deal AOE damage around yourselves and spawns circular AOE underneath several players.
Rotation: Protean Wave > Sluice > Splash x 3
(Monks should use Form Shift during phase transition to Coeurl form to keep GL3 and gain 3 stacks Chakra)

Phase 2 - Hand
The hand does a heavy cleave that needs to be shared between both tanks.
Wash Away - AOE knockback.
Shortly after Wash Away, the hand will split and spawn Liquid Limb, the off tank needs to take this add and face both hands away from each other and the raid, they cleave and cause Blunt Resistance Down.
Rotation: Cleave -> Wash Away -> Cleave -> Cleave -> Split -> Cleave (both adds) x7
(Monks can use Tornado Kick when tanks have 7 stacks and gain Chakra V during phase transition)

Phase 3 - Tornado
This is the add phase, the boss is invulnerable in this form and deals area of effect damage in the center. Throughout this phase two types of adds will spawn in the center and make their way to the edge, causing heavy damage to the raid if they reach it. Gear Lubricant have low HP and can be dealt with easily. The other add called Piston Lubricant have higher HP, and half way towards the edge will cast an ability that will make them rush to the edge, this should be stunned to give you more time.

There are two more mechanics to take note here.
First one is an orange tether from the boss to a random player, this player needs to pass the tether to a tank who then needs to stay away from everyone else. When the tether goes, that player do an AOE around themselves hitting extremely hard and will kill most players except a tank.

The second mechanic is 2 players will get an icon above their head, a + or a -, note both players can get the same icon. If the two players have the same debuff (e.g. + and +) they should stack together in the center, if they have opposite debuffs (e.g. + and -) they should spread out. These players will be stunned and either pulled together (opposite) or knocked back (matching debuffs). The former also inflicts a debuff with a severe penalty to stats for 60 seconds for both players if they stood too close to each other when this happens.

Phase 4 - Final
This phase is forced at % based, most likely around 35%, some of our Tornado phases lasted 1 or 2 waves of adds.
This is the same as the Human phase, with a mix of the above mechanics added, cascade and a debuff added to the cleave.
Cascade - Deals AOE damage and spawns 3 large AOE pools around the room.
His cleave will now apply Blunt Resistance Down, the tanks should tank swap about every 4-5 stacks.

Living Pool may wipe the raid with Cascade if he hits his hard enrage.

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