The best thing to do to level up quickly in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-20 05:39:26
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At first,I am a rookie in the game of ffxiv and I am so upset that I hate this game for a long time.One day ,one of my friends tells me something special about it.

He says that the best thing to do to level up quickly in FFXIV is to complete the story and class quests. While this is the best way to experience FFXIV , it is not the quickest.

If you open up your game menu and navigate to "Hunting Log", you'll see a myriad of creatures listed with a numerical value next to them. This value is the level it recommends you to be in order to defeat each. By hovering over each creature, you'll also see where it's located.

The easiest way to start, is to find the creatures closest to your starting area and go from there. While you're hunting creatures, be on the look out for any Fates that pop, and make sure to join them when you can. At earlier levels, you'll level up even faster and none of ffxiv power leveling if you complete some quests along the way.

Then you will find that hunting get you from level 1 to level 20 in about 6 hours. By level 20, you definitely want to make sure you have completed the story line quests up to getting the chocobo mount and maybe into when you join a Grand Company. After that you'll also notice that in your hunting log, they have "bounties" to kill, it gives you seals.

Completing the hunting log for your Grand Company, and running Hitalia is the fastest way to get seals and get your chocobo. Enjoy hunting!