The Best Way to Get a Sugar Daddy in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2018-10-23 16:44:20
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This guide will take you via a step-by-step course of action as a way to give you a sugar daddy in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. This guide functions for each male and females and performs on both male and female players, this guide supplied can really enable you to get a sugar daddy or momma. Don't get offended over this guide.


Step 1: Finding a Good Server


To start, I recommend you create a new character or transfer the character you will be already playing as to a more well-known server in the event you are currently not on one. Some of by far the most common servers are Balmung, Gilgamesh, Leviathan, Cactuar, and Excalibur for American servers. 


Step 2: Finding a Free Company and Networking


Once you make or transfer your character in, attempt to locate a no-cost firm to join that's nicely populated and has at minimum 20 to 30 persons on the web throughout midday. Visit a spot like Gridania and examine the absolutely free companies of players you see all about you to seek out a suitable cost-free company quick. Inside the most preferred servers, this can be typically quite uncomplicated to find. 




Once you discover a firm, make pals with every person and constantly attempt to involve oneself in everything your totally free company has to provide as a way to get everyone inside the totally free organization to like you. Attempt to determine who the seasoned and Ffxiv gil heavy players within the free business are. 


That is uncomplicated to complete just by taking a look at their profile information or just flat out asking casually how much gil they've. Buddy request all doable individuals you are able to see as possible sugar daddies. Add them ahead of they add you, undertaking this shows to them that you just 'like' them. 


Step 3: Getting Those Potential Sugar Daddies to Notice You


Now that you have spotted your potential sugar daddies (or mommas) there are several things you may do to get them to notice you and to like you back.


Some examples of items it is possible to do are:


Casually ask them if they desire to party for roulettes (this performs far better the larger level you might be, also performs improved if you're a healer class (for girls or twinky gays) or perhaps a tank class (for straight guys))

Ask if they are able to assist craft anything for you personally, or if they could enable with a crafter level to level your crafters.

Speak about how there's a glamour item you seriously want but do not possess the money to purchase it (if they acquire it for you personally it shows they like you)

Always join into conversations they're having, being as nice as possible, always agree with their statements.

In the event you never have Heavensward or Stormblood DLC, ask about how you actually want it, but do not have the funds to get it and are barely scraping funds to pay for your subscription.


You can find many other things it is possible to almost certainly do to have their interest, but always try to be casual about it, don't just straight say "BUY ME THIS THANKS" you must be polite about it.


Maintain repeating these activities, for those who discover an individual regularly wanting to get you things in-game, you just located oneself a sugar daddy. I would recommend acquiring 2 backup sugar daddies just in case this a single flops.


Step 4: What exactly is Your Finish Goal?


At this point, hopefully, you might have located several possible sugar daddies, even so, it would be sensible to pick 1 and just completely friendzone the other people to avoid the potential hazard of all these sugar daddies discovering out about one another. Should you decide to help keep them all conflict could come from it, and also the worst scenario could be that they all dump you and ruin your reputation by blogging about it on Reddit. If you are a risk-taker really feel absolutely free to help keep them all, there is the possibility of it functioning out swimmingly. I've by no means tried personally, but go for it.


Also, at this point hopefully, a few of these possible sugar daddies have blessed you with excellent gifts you have asked for, helped you level your crafters, gave you armor for classes you're leveling up or just flat out give you gil or funds to purchase expansions. However, there's one thing you will need to start pondering about, and which is "What is my finish purpose here?"


Whenever you ask oneself this, you are genuinely asking: "When will they develop into useless to me?" and it really depends. This guide is truly going off just in-game sugar daddy activities, but when you are a single of the few who desires to take it a step additional, you can branch out with them into other games or specifically other MMORPGs. 


For the sake of Final Fantasy XIV, even so, they seriously become useless soon after all your crafters are level, you basically have 100mil in Gil, already possess a giant residence that's fully furnished, and also you have each of the current expansions. Unless you transfer within your existing character and already had a decent quantity of progress completed on your character, this will likely take a while to obtain to, nevertheless, it will eventually come.


Coming to thoughts, the only true point that would need them to remain at this point, is if they flat out just spend your subscription for you personally each month. Unless you wish to branch out with them into other games or platforms. The choice is yours in the long run, do what you wanna do. Keep in mind, should you wish to outsource to other games with them, they're going to assume you want to go deeper. They could possibly try to voice chat with you/video chat, and if you're pretending to become the opposite sex this might be a problem. Ensure you feel out the gameplay.