The Detail Introduction of FFXIV FATE System

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-01-28 13:44:44
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Active Time Event is a new system that becomes really popular among online games, such as GW2, WOW and so on. It can add much more fun to the fixed quest system, so players won’t feel boring while playing games. It can also make the game world livelier, that many players like this system a lot. FFXIV has this kind of system as well, which is called Full Time Active Event. Today, we are going to let you know how to join in FATE and what kind of rewards you can get here.

To start with, we would like to introduce the type of all kinds of FATE first. There are NM combat, stronghold defense, items collection, NPC fight and so on. Every kind of fight will give you different kinds of rewards besides the ffxiv gil. The conditions to win or lose the FATE vary as well.

How do you know you are in a FATE?
In the same map, there could be about 7or 8 FATE happening at the same time. According to the size of the areas and the different types of the FATE, there could be 10, or even up to 12 or 13 FATE available at the same time. When FATE is triggered, there will be a sentence reading “nearby FATE is discovered” showing up on the map, and there will be corresponding marks and circles on the map to show you the place as well. You can also trigger Full Active Time Event by talking to the NPC with a exclamation points whose bottom color is purple over his head. The circle shows up only after FATE is triggered. The other players can also take part in this FATE at the same time.

You should also know that, the occurrence frequency changes according to the number of the players on the same map. The less the players, the lower the frequency will be. Once you complete the last FATE successfully, the next FATE would come much slower. If you failed the last the FATE, the next FATE would come much faster.

Methods to join in the Full Active Time Event
After you enter into the circle of the FATE, there will be a sentence read "F.A.T.E JOINED"on the screen. On the right side, there will be conditions and progress of the quest. These all mean that you have joined the FATE successfully. After you get out of the circle of the FATE, the progress and the condition of the event disappear as well. You can also talk to the NPC to join the FATE. When there are few players, NPC would take part in the event as well sometimes.

There is no limit to the number of the players in the same FATE. So, when you see many players have already killed half of the enemies or the progress of the FATE is more than 70%, there is no need to join in at all, as you can hardly get some experience points.

Rewards you can get in FATE
Then comes to the most important part, the rewards you can get in events. It depends on how much contribution you have made in the FATE. For example, how many monsters you have killed or how many items you have collected and so on. At the end of the FATE, the game system would give you evaluation of three grades, they are separately gold medal, silver medal and copper medal. You can get corresponding rewards as well. Different grade of evaluation means different experience points and ticket numbers. Besides the contribution you make in the event, your level degree makes great importance as well. Players of lower levels can get fewer experience points as rewards. While players of high levels (the level is too higher than the recommended level) can not enter into FATE of low levels

To get the most rewards, we have two important suggestions for you. Firstly, the most common FATE is crusade quests. You can use instant skills, AOE skills to get the monsters. Some macros can also be set to help you get the monster first. Never worry about attracting too many monsters around you as the others would help clear them. When you see the blood of the monster is lower than 50%, you can just stop attacking and turn to the next target. The reason is simple, as our kill amount won’t increase if you attack the monster with low blood. Secondly, when you have already got evaluation of gold medal, you can just leave the FATE directly. Wherever you go, you can get the rewards as long as you are online.

Use Level sync to join FATE of lower level
Lastly, for players of high level who want to take part in the FATE of lower level, you can enter into the circle of the FATE first. Click Level sync button beside the description of theFATE, and lower your level to corresponding level. Your gear level and capability will be lowered to corresponding value as well.