The Fast Way to Level Up Crafting Jobs to 50 in FFXIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2021-11-16 13:47:40
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If you have been looking to level up your crafting jobs up to 50 in Final Fantasy XIV, there are several ways for you to take part in, but the faster and more efficient method to gain experience is by completing Tradecraft Leves.

Here is a list of all the Repeatable Tradecraft Leves for every crafting job in Final Fantasy XIV.

Jobs Leves
Carpenter (Gridania)

Level 20 "Behind the Mask" - deliver Ash Mask (Lapis Lazuli) x3

Level 25 "Armoires of the Rich and Famous" - deliver Walnut Lumber x15

Level 30 "Ceremonial Spears" - deliver Steel Spear x3

Level 35 "Flintstone Flight" - deliver Walnut Macuahuitl x3

Level 40 "Spin It Like You Mean It" - deliver Mahogany Spinning Wheel x3

Level 45 "You Do the Heavy Lifting" - deliver Mahogany Lumber x15

Leatherworker (Gridania)

Level 20 "Fire and Hide" - deliver Aldgoat Leather x15

Level 25 "Belts Served Cold" - deliver Voyager's Belt x3

Level 30 "Best Served Toad" - deliver Toad Leather x15

Level 35 "Supply Side Logic" - deliver Boar Leather x15

Level 40 "The Tao of Rabbits" - deliver Boarskin Harness x3

Level 45 "Handle with Care" - deliver Peisteskin Cesti x3

Blacksmith (Limsa Lominsa)

Level 20 "Claw Daddy" - deliver Iron Claw Hammer x3

Level 25 "Cleaving the Glim" - deliver Iron Round Knife x3

Level 30 "Can You Spare a Dolabra" - deliver Steel Dolabra x3

Level 35 "Spice Cadet" - deliver Heavy Steel Mortar x3

Level 40 "File That Under Whatever" - deliver Mythril File x3

Level 45 "You Stay on That Side" - deliver Cobalt Pliers x3

Armorer (Limsa Lominsa)

Level 20 "Get Me the Hard Stuff" - deliver Ironclad Bronze Buckler x3

Level 25 "Tisket Tasset" - deliver Steel Tassets x3

Level 30 "Romper Stomper" - deliver Steel-plated Jackboots x3

Level 35 "Get Me the Usual" - deliver Heavy Steel Flanchard x3

Level 40 "Distill and Know that I'm Right" - deliver Mythril Alembic x3

Level 45 "Some Dragoons Have All the Luck" - deliver High Mythril Armor x3


Level 20 "Brain Food" - deliver Walnut Bread x3

Level 25 "Fever Pitch" - deliver Chamomile Tea x3

Level 30 "True Grits" - deliver Cornmeal x18

Level 35 "Feeding Frenzy" - deliver Acorn Cookie x3

Level 40 "Made by Apple in Coerthas" - deliver Apple Juice x3

Level 45 "Bread in the Clouds" - deliver La Noscean Toast x3

Alchemist (Ul'dah)

Level 20 "Don't Forget to Take Your Meds" - deliver Potion of Intelligence x15

Level 25 "Sophomore Slump" - deliver Goatskin Grimoire x3

Level 30 "Stuck in the Moment" - deliver Horn Glue x15

Level 35 "Always Have an Exit Plan" - deliver Poisoning Potion x15

Level 40 "Your Courtesy Wake-up Call" - deliver Smelling Salts x15

Level 45 "A Matter of Vital Importance" - deliver Mega-Potion of Vitality x9

Goldsmith (Ul'dah)

Level 20 "King for a Day" - deliver Decorated Copper Scepter x3

Level 25 "All Booked Up" - deliver Silver Magnifiers x3

Level 30 "A Little Bird Told Me" - deliver Malachite Bracelet x3

Level 35 "Burning the Midnight Oil" - deliver Fire Brand x3

Level 40 "It's My Business to Know Things" - deliver Red Coral Armillae x3

Level 45 "The Big Red" - deliver Red Coral Necklace x3

Weaver (Ul'dah)

Level 20 "Hitting Below the Belt" - deliver Cotton Breeches of Crafting x3

Level 25 "He's Got Legs" - deliver Velveteen Sarouel x3

Level 30 "Our Man in Ul'dah" - deliver Velveteen Work Gloves x3

Level 35 "Crunching the Numbers" - deliver Linen Hat x3

Level 40 "Party Animals" - deliver Linen Deerstalker x3

Level 45 "Seeing It Through to the End" - deliver Woolen Smock x3

Keep in mind that the quests listed here are XP-efficient leves that only require delivery within the city. By committing but a few hours for each job, a player can reach Level 50 of a crafting job within no time.

One crucial detail to note is that the Levequests available are directly related to the crafting guild's storyline level the player has currently reached. As a result, players should focus on leveling their trade with Levequests in tandem with completing their crafting guild's storyline in Final Fantasy XIV.

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