The FFXIV New Dungeon Guide:Alexander:Gordias

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-07-11 11:17:35
Views: 1620

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Final Fantasy XIV have previewed and patched in their new Heavensward raid dungeon Alexander: Gordias, along with several job action adjustments and bug fixes including adjustments to the Mac version affecting performance.

Recently, Final Fantasy has previewed the Alexander with a new trailer shows players what they could expect from Final Fantasy XIV’s new raid instance.

What players need to know is that they should to be level 60 to enter the game with an average item level of 170 or above. Players will also need to complete the new quest ‘Disarmed’ which can be picked up after completing the ‘Heavensward’ main scenario quest.

The interesting thing is that Alexander: Gordias doesn’t drop gear in its treasure coffers but instead tokens which can be traded when speaking to Sabina in Idyllshire for gear of players’ choice. However, players could only receive one item per floor each week and if players happen to be awarded an item from the loot list they will not be able to compete for remaining items.The most important thing for players now is to buy enough cheap FFXIV Gil online and enter Final Fantasy XIV.