The ffxiv patch 3.3-Reveng of the Horde Most Representative Q&A

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-09 10:18:44
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As we all know, FFXIV Patch 3.3 will be grandly released on June 7. The new patch 3.3-Reveng of the Horde really gains all of the folks’ attention, and they can’t wait for it. Most experienced and smart players are busy preparing for the new patch, they choose to purchase full ffxiv gil in stock, in order to buy higher level materials and weapons, or choose ask some professional power leveling for help to level up their characters so that they can directly play new level classes or jobs when the new patch is online. In addition, more players are focus on the new contents and updates of patch 3.3, and have so many questions about it. FFXIV4GIL here will summarize some representative Q&A in the official forum for you guys.

Q: What exactly does a main scenario writer do?
A: Natsuko: I was actually called by this title for the first time during the QA. I work with Oda who is in charge of the lore to write the main scenario. Oda is in charge of Patch 3.3 main scenario quest.
Patch 3.3 main scenario
As you can infer from the patch title, Revenge of the Horde, this will be the conclusion of the Dragonsong War.
Yoshida: Not from dev. team’s point of view but from a player’s point of view, what would you want to happen to Estinien?
A: I would like Estinien to be saved.

Q: How freely can you write scenarios for FFXIV? Does it have to involve requests from other departments such as “please have this race in the story”, “make sure to have the players visit this specific area”?

A: It depends on the quest, but we cannot simply write anything that we want. It’s important to keep the overall experience in mind and ensure that the story is enjoyable. We received a request from the battle team where they wanted the adventurers to fight against themselves, so we wrote a scenario based on this request.

Q: The dark knight job quest was really interesting. Can you please let us know how you came up with this story?

A: Because I feel close to all the stories I wrote, it’s difficult to explain this. When writing the dark knight story, I had an image of dark knights from the FF series in mind, and imagined a dark knight sacrificing something to fight through. We’ve received requests for a continuation of that story so there may be a separate scenario waiting. For now, please continue your ventures with Fray.

Q: I really liked both the dark knight and alchemist story. Please let us know if there’s any specific story you would like to write next.

A: I would like to write something similar to Matoya’s cave, where you can read up on their everyday lifestyle. Aside from this, near the end of 2.x series, Buscarron is worried about Laurentis in South Shroud, so I would like to write a story based on this.

Q: I personally like the members of the rogues’ guild. I’d like to hear more about how they formed and some other stories about them. Will we ever be doing anything with them again?

A: Thank you. I’d like to do something with them again, and I will look into this proactively. Thieves from past FF games have a unique coolness to them.

Q: I really love Haurchefant! I believe there were many stories in Patch 3.2 that reminded us of him, was this your intention?

A: It’s not because I’m writing it that I wanted to write more about him, but I wanted to write this from a player’s point of view, where they ventured through Ishgard. I pushed Meaehiro to change the scene with Haurchefant inside the intercessory in Patch 2.55. I would like for everyone to feel the struggles that our adventurers will continue to go through in these stories.

Above all, it’s time for us to count down, the new patch 3.3 finally is here. FFXIV4GIL really thinks it will be pretty successful and be welcomed by all of you, two new dungeons I guess can be harder to pass through, much challenging and the cute mounts flies in the sky with shaking its tail, so adorable! There are still Anima Weapons, new beast tribe quests, flowerpots… Seriously, patch 3.3 is really worthwhile for you guys to play, and you should be well prepared for it. If you need any help, you can trust us, we’d like to help you. “Customer First”!