The First Beast Tribe of FFXIV Patch 3.1 Guide:Vanu Vanu

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2015-11-20 13:08:31
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Beast Tribe Quest is an interesting section in FFXIV, it is popular among Final Fantasy XIV players. Vanu Vanu is the first Beast Tribe after Heavensward online. The same as other Beast Tribes in Ver.2.0, Vanu Vanu quests are daily quests. If you want to know more about Vanu Vanu quests and rewards, FFXIV4GIL will share more info with you.

The Vanu Vanu is calledバヌバヌ族in Japanese. They are a race of bird-like beast men in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. They are indigenous to the floating islands in the Sea of Clouds. This avian beast tribe resides on the floating islands dotting the Sea of Clouds. Prior to the advent of airship technology, man only dared to dream of reaching these islands in the sky. And so, for a time, the Vanu Vanu were unknown to the rest of the world. Times have changed, however, and now they must adapt as outsiders encroach upon their home. They appear to be stout beast men with avian features, including white beaks. Unlike the Ixal, the Vanu Vanu are covered with feathers all over their body excluding their lower legs. Despite their feathers, the Vanu Vanu have no wings and wear tribal clothing. Concept art has shown what appears to be Vanu-made structures, depicting stone buildings with trees growing through them with decorative paint matching their colors.

The Vanu Vanu have lived in the Sea of Clouds for an uncertain period of time. The high-altitude nature of their habitat meant the Vanu Vanu remained isolated from the "netherlings" who dwell in terrestrial Eorzea. This all changed when airship technology permitted the Holy See of Ishgard to expand into the skies above Abalathia's Spine. As part of a trade agreement, House Haillenart was permitted to establish an outpost called Camp Cloudtop.

Players can find the Vanu Vanu quest-givers at Nakki Island in The Sea of Clouds (x6, y14). To unlock Vanu Vanu Daily Quests, players must complete the level 50 quest “Three Beaks to the Wind”. Players can start the quest in Ok' Zundu by speaking to Sonu Vanu (x11, y14).

The Vanu Vanu daily quests are the same as Beat Tribe quests for Sylphs, Amalj’aa, Kobolds, Sahagin and Ixali in Ver.2.0. Players will not only earn experience, FFXIV Gil, items, Tomestones and ventures for completing these quests, they will also earn Reputation points. Beast Tribe quests are primarily daily repeatable quests. Each tribe has two short introductory quests, which, upon completion, grants the player receives a "neutral" reputation rating with the Tribe. This allows the player access to that Tribe's neutral daily repeatable sidequests and certain items from the Tribal merchant. Completing sidequests for the tribe will increase your reputation, and when it is maxed out at a given level, you can complete the next Tribal Main Quest to unlock the new reputation level (and accompanying new sidequests and/or wares). Tribal sidequests can be completed daily, and a player is granted 12 allowances per day with a maximum of 12 allowances to be held at any one time.

If you raise your Vanu Vanu reputation to the highest-level, you are able to purchase a flying mount.