The good and fast strategys which can help you level to 50

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-10-10 02:37:48
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Extensive quest walkthroughs: Not sure which quests are really worth completing? Wasting time running back and forth or missing out on great quests entirely? In no time, you'll be breezing through Eorzea and its adventures to discover secrets and hidden gems in the game! Think you're ready for end-game content as well?

Step-by-step leveling advice: Are you falling more and more behind your friends on the leveling curve? We introduce ingenious methods that boost you to the level cap in 7 days or less. This resource pool of leveling know-how guides you to the easiest locations

Mastery of classes and jobs: Choosing the right classes and jobs for your character is not only crucial to soloing and grouping alike, but also a science of its own if you want to get it right. This FFXIV guide takes out the uncertainty when it comes to picking and mastering classes and jobs.

Crafting done right: Whether you craft for advancement, to outfit your own character or to amass a fortune .Killer Guides' Final Fantasy XIV guide has chapters on crafting and gathering that dispell a lot of common myths about these careers. With the guide at your side you can avoid costly mistakes and focus on the real money makers.