The Most Complete Gunbreaker Job Guide in Final Fantasy XIV

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2019-03-13 17:18:32
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Final Fantasy XIV Gunbreaker Guide


The Gunbreaker is a new job in Final Fantasy XIV, which it was one particular from the major announcements to come out in the current FFXIV Fan Fest in Paris, they confirmed there are multiple new jobs, but Gunbreaker is the only one we know of right now.


The Gunbreaker will be the fourth job in Final Fantasy XIV, and it is a Tank. Its weapon of selection will probably be the gunblade, and it will wear plate armour alongside the Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight jobs - so anticipate to share any loot with these folks.


Any more will probably be revealed at Tokyo fanfest later this month. For now, though, we're going to be focusing exclusively on the Gunbreaker job. We will share with you the detailed guide of this new job below.


How Can You Unlock the Gunbreaker Job


To unlock the Gunbreaker job, you will need to possess at least one particular Disciple of War or possibly a Magic job at level 60, and you might need to visit the beginning city of Gridania.


If Gunbreaker is similar to preceding jobs in other expansions, an NPC - presently unknown - will offer you a quest to start your journey into the function. This initial quest will introduce you towards the essential functions of the job beginning at level 60 though also delivering a weapon and an appropriate set of armour so you can get to shooting and slashing appropriate away.


What Are the Skills of the Gunbreaker Job



We can't confirm the skills of the Gunbreaker now, but we can see something from the short Gunbreaker gameplay video released at the Paris Fan Fest earlier this year.


As you may infer in the weapon choice, Gunbreaker will use a combination of melee-range sword slashes and close-range gunfire because of the basis of its attacks. Several of those appear like simple weapon combos that may be employed to build aggro on enemies so you'll be able to tank equivalently towards the Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight classes.


On the other hand, you will also discover two notable standout moves in the trailer. The first shows the Gunbreaker firing a burst of energy above them that generates a modest shield, suggesting that the job may have its damage mitigation skills. The second appears comparable because the Gunbreaker creates a thin barrier in front of him that could also serve as damage reduction in some kind.


As a Tank, the Gunbreaker will also have access for the full selection of Tank role actions. You'll have the ability to pick out up to 5 of this expertise to customize your loadout, although we expect a number of the far more well-liked choices will stay important to play as a Gunbreaker effectively. I'm happy to have something else to play. A lot of times a new class is the push a person who only dps need to try out something new and find they enjoy it. Of course, a lot will return to their dps roles eventually, but a few will stay.