The mystery of Treasure Hunting in FFXIV:A Real Awoken

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2013-12-20 03:22:42
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The Final Fantasy xiv's 2.1 A Realm Awoken update is finally launched .we have been told about the biggest as well as unanticopated changes featured in the release of 2.1 before, Today we will dig in the mystery of Treasure Hunting .


In the course of gathering ,Disciples of the land will now be able to obtain timeworn maps, items which can then be deciplered to reveal the location of hidden treasure.

1.Obtaining a timeworn map
Disciples of the land level 40 or higher will occasionally come across timeworn maps when gathering or fishing .Appearing in five degrees of rarity ,these maps are unique items which can be traded or sold on the market .After abtainong a timeworn map ,players will be unable to find another for a short period of time .

2.Essencial skills for Treasure Hunting
Dig : Locate and extract a treasure chest from the ground.Range: 30y
In order to track down and unearth the treasures marked on timeworn maps, players must first learn the skills Decipher and Dig. These skills can be acquired by completing the quest below.

Decipher:Remove a timeworn map from its glass prison and unlock its mysteries.

Quest Name:Treasures and Tribulations

Area:Eastern La Noscea Wineport (X:21 Y:21) NPC Name: H'loonh

3.Deciplhering a Timeworn Map
Using the skill Decipher, adventurers may glean the location of treasure from timeworn maps. Upon using the skill, the timeworn map will transform into a treasure map key item, which can then be used to identify the treasure's general location, and the number of players recommended to search for it

4. Opening Treasure Chests
The act of opening a chest will spring a trap that lures an enemy to the scene. The strength of your foe and the contents of the chest will vary depending on the treasure map's rarity. If you and your party fail to triumph within the allotted time, or leave the area, the treasure chest will vanish and the hunt will end in failure.

5. Obtaining Rewards
By defeating the enemy guarding the chest, players will gain access to the treasures within. All party members who participated in the hunt will receive various rewards such as experience points, FFgil, Allagan Tomestones, elemental shards, or equipment.