The Newest Final Fantasy XIV Trailer :The Far Edge of Fate

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2017-04-13 02:04:30
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Recently, Square Enix released the trailer for The Far Edge of Fate, which will bring a ton of new content to Final Fantasy XIV.

The developer revealed a second trailer , Stormblood, that introduces the Red Mage into the roster of available classes in 2017.

The updated Party Finder will now allow players from other severs to get into the party , they can play in the same data center in this way. Its one of the major improvements in this new update pack. Player VS Player is also receiving updates for both Frontline and Duel modes and finally, a new map called The Feast is coming in this patch.

You and your party could explore some new areas, which acts as a border between the Garlean Empire, and the three city-states of Eorzea. Veteran players will be happy to revisit Sohm Al, the holy ground of the dragons.

Finally, the newest chapter of the Shadows of Mhach story arch will be available along with a new raid, exploratory missions, and a fight against the last member of the Warring Triad.

You can find the new content in the update in full detail such as Containment Bay Z1T9, new beast tribe quests, hair styles and gear. So just wait expectantly currently. And if you want know more latest news about Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIV Power leveling, please stay tuned our site!