The Objective Discussion on Buying FFXIV GIL

Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Time: 2016-06-18 15:34:51
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Almost all of the players in FFXIV have seen the shouts, the random tells everywhere. Spammers are hawking their service here and there. You may hate buying FFXIV GIL, say it is illicit, unethical and against the TOS. But many players have bought FFXIV GIL at ffxiv4gil, and the number is becoming larger and larger. Is it a bad experience? I think if it is, it couldn’t attract so many players. This is a complex topic that is relevant to all MMOs, not only for FFXIV. ffxiv4gil has set a discussion about it, let’s view what the players say.


For the players who don’t agree to buy FFXIV GIL, they may have the following views:
1.Buying FF14 GIL brings inequity to other players.
2.More and more ffxiv gil going into the market may reduce its value, and break the balance of the market.
3.Buying ffxiv gil is risky, it may hide danger of info revealed or account banned.

We also collect the views of FFXIV GIL buyers:
1.This is not a situation unique to FFXIV, even some games such as EVE and SWTOR which offer cash shops with tradable items have this.
2.Enough ffxiv gil allows players to buy gear from the market board, with which they can farm dungeons to get higher ilvl one.
3.Just spending a few dollars you can get the ffxiv gil that you have to collect for some days even some weeks. You will have more time to enjoy in the game.
4.FFXIV GIL trade has become a market, more and more sellers and players join in it, many websites have well-deserved reputation.

All above is the summary of our research. As the biggest ffxiv gil seller, ffxiv4gil has some supplement to buying FF14 GIL.
1.About the equity, buying FFXIV GIL wouldn’t bring inequity. How do you win in FFXIV? The best gear, the ability to craft anything or downing the toughest boss? FFXIV GIL couldn’t help anyone to reach these directly, it is just a tool which couldn’t affect your personal ability.
2.Time is money, but how much your one hour is worth? Then in the game, how much ffxiv gil you could make in an hour? I think it needn’t to list. Playing games is a way to relax, don’t make it play you. You can share one of our customers’ experience of Why Busy People Should Buy FFXIV GIL.
3.There is no proof which could prove buying FFXIV GIL breaks the balance of market. But there is another situation, the price of materials on the serve which has few gold-farm rooms is higher than others.
4.Many players also worry about the safety of buying FFXIV GIL. Choose a trustworthy seller, you can search the reviews on Trustpilot and Bizrate before you buy, others’ reviews will help.

Different people may have different ideas about buying FFXIV GIL. But if you have not bought it before then say it is wrong, the view may sounds unpersuasive. If you want to have a try, ffxiv4gil is 24/7 online waiting for you